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Farmcubation on DuckFARM 2.0

We’ve been hard at work to develop the Farmcubation platform that will enable DuckDAO to keep on growing and providing support to crypto investors as they pave their way through the industry. Ducks have been actively asking for more information about Farmcubations, ever since we first announced it on Telegram two weeks ago.

Thank you for your patience dear ducks, the official announcement is finally here. After countless days and nights of development, iteration, and testing, we are happy to invite you to the first Farmcubation ever!

What is Farmcubation?

Farmcubations are a way for ducks to access incubation projects using only the DUCK token. It works similarly to the DuckFarms, however, there is no pair to which liquidity is provided. Instead, users lock their DUCK tokens directly on the platform and, claim a proportional percentage share of the pool via an auction mechanism after the Farmcubation countdown ends.

DuckDAO connects users with projects that want to take advantage of DuckDAO’s marketing reach and grow awareness about their token. Each Farmcubation will be limited in character, meaning a fixed amount of tokens will be available. Shares depend on user participation. For example, if two users stake an equal amount of DUCK, they will split the total available allocation in half.

Individual wallets may also be limited with a max DUCK participation level, depending on the project.

Farmcubations end when a countdown timer reaches zero, at which point the smart contract will no longer accept new stakes. Users can now harvest their rewards, losing access to their DUCK tokens in the process.

DUCK tokens staked in Farmcubations will be burned partly, with the rest sent to DuckDAO for reintroduction into circulation.

Farmcubation vs DDIM Private Groups

Ever since the DuckFarm platform and DUCK token were launched it became clear that we need to keep on expanding the utility of this token.

At the core, DuckDAO is an organization that is designed for the venture renegade, an individual that wants to break through traditional expectations and take risks, betting on the long-term, and with the rise of DDIM price, access to our private groups has become more exclusive and premium.

The Farmcubation is one way for us to live up to our mission statement. Access to VC-level crypto investments for venture renegades, the people who are crazy enough to go to the end of the world to secure participation in the best investment opportunities.

While we plan to continue providing the best deals to the most loyal ducks in the private groups, in order to confidently support new ducks, or ducks that cannot afford access to private groups, we came up with the Farmcubation concept.

The private groups will remain to be the place where the best early crypto investment opportunities will be found, but Farmcubations public character helps us expand the reach and utility of DuckDAO ecosystem tokens.

To make it crystal clear: DDIM will remain your access ticket to private and pre-sales while DUCK is allowing access at a later stage.

Migration to DuckFARM 2.0

In order to incorporate this and future upgrades, we need to migrate DUCK LPs to a new smart contract. This process was tested immaculately and precisely in order to ensure the safety of all ducks and their assets.

Read about the migration here.



Poolz is a fully-decentralized, swapping protocol that enables startups and project owners to auction their tokens for bootstrapping liquidity. Poolz empowers innovators in their pre-listing phase, bringing them closer to early-stage investors.

Investors can leverage the Poolz platform to discover promising and disruptive projects with high potential value. The platform offers a secured and intuitive way for investors to gain substantial, long-term returns from their assets.

Farmcubation details:

  • Method: Auction
  • Deposit: DUCK
  • Earn: $POOLZ
  • Tokens available: 15,000 POOLZ
  • Launch Date: 24 to 48 hours from the publication of this article


Polkacover is working towards creating the world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly insurance purchase & policy issuance marketplace with the aim to be the one-stop-shop for crypto & personal insurance need.

Polkacover’s mission is to connect users & multi-national insurance providers with all global insurance products such as crypto-related protection, health, life, education, and family insurance plans.

Farmcubation details:

  • Method: Auction
  • Deposit: DUCK
  • Earn: $CVR
  • Tokens available: 232,558 CVR
  • Unlocked: 25%
  • Vesting: 6 months
  • Launch Date: 24 to 48 hours from the publication of this article

Find Out More About DuckDAO🐥

DuckDAO is a community-backed digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast track their progress on the path to success.

Who will win? One VC or ten thousand ducks?

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