GAINS Associates Becomes DuckDAO’s Community Partner

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2 min readOct 15, 2020

DuckDAO is happy to announce that it has a new community partner in GAINS Associates, one of the oldest and most influential crypto communities. Since 2018, they’ve managed to raise more than $4 million for approximately 40 projects. Their community member count floats at around 10,000 across all channels, and the group’s leadership is known and transparent.

They are avid crypto enthusiasts that track the best opportunities in crypto. They provide cryptocurrency and blockchain news, insightful articles, video interviews, and often organize educational events with established and upcoming projects.

Regarding the partnership, Alexandre Raffin, CEO of GAINS Associates, said:

“I’m very excited to partner with DuckDAO. I’ve known Ken and Lukas for a couple of years now, and they’ve always been genuine. Finding good people is the key to move forward. They know the space, and they’re building something for the long term. I like their vision. I’m looking forward to working with them, organizing this space, and pushing it to the global world stage.”

DuckDAO is exhilarated to collaborate with GAINS Associates! We are thrilled by the prospect that we are aligning our efforts together with a group of high-integrity individuals looking to better the lives of their community.

About GAINS Associates

Gains Associates is an international, dynamic crypto community that consists of more than 10,000 passionate members. They enable all of their members to discover the latest crypto opportunities, interact with great projects, stay up to date with regular news, and tap into all other members’ collective insights.

This community’s roots started in late 2017 as a group passionate about blockchain technologies. Tired from the ongoing ICO hype market, anonymized scam funds, and no protection for retail investors, organizations’ motivations rose.

Thus, GAINS Associates was created with transparency in mind. The leadership team is entirely public and responsible for their actions. With relentless energy, skin in the game, and a long-term vision, they’re building the world of tomorrow: fairer, abundant, and beautiful.

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