Introducing The Foundry: A DuckDAO x Ferrum Network Initiative

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4 min readSep 9, 2020

When DuckDAO first launched, we set out to change the way early-stage blockchain projects are presented to investors — producing the first truly community-driven crypto incubator.

Our modus operandi has always been to give high-potential projects the best chance of achieving success, by providing direct assistance with marketing, strategy, and partnerships via our global network of buzz makers, experts, and visionaries — otherwise known as our “Ducks”.

In just a few months, DuckDAO has already worked with some of the biggest success stories of 2020, helping projects like GEEQ, Defipie, and Fyooz raise the funds they need to succeed while providing our community of ducks the opportunity to invest in projects at their earliest stages of development, and potentially achieve an impressive return on their investment. So far, the projects we have incubated have exceeded our already high expectations and provided a return ROI of up to 27x for our ducks.

Through our strategic partnership with Ferrum Network — the pioneering high-speed interoperability network and decentralized exchange platform — we introduce our next-generation incubation platform, The Foundry.

What is the Foundry?

The Foundry is a new joint initiative between DuckDAO and Ferrum Network. It aims to take the pre-existing DuckDAO decentralized fundraising model and supercharge it with an additional layer of offerings that reinvents the concept of an incubator.

The Foundry is a new type of incubator that combines the buzz making potential of influencers, founders, exchanges, and innovators, with a state-of-the-art suite of DeFi tools, helping to ensure projects not only launch with sufficient funding but also have everything else in place to grow their community and user base, achieve scaling, and maximize their potential.

The Foundry will continue to nurture projects for the long term, helping them deliver on their long-term goals.

Ferrum Network brings the following potential benefits to projects:

  1. Access to a customized version of Ferrum’s flexible staking mechanism, allowing projects to launch innovative staking structures and initiatives that are not available anywhere else.
  2. Use of Ferrum’s risk-free swap technology, allowing investors to easily trade presale tokens with absolutely no counterparty risk — completely stamping out the risky practice of pre-sale OTC deals.
  3. Access to Ferrum’s KYC verification suite, helping to ensure compliance while keeping costs down.
  4. Leverage Ferrum’s “Pool Drops” multi-sender tech to securely and easily issue tokens in batches.
  5. Early access to Ferrum Network’s AI-driven trading technology, which can be used to maximize the bull run and minimize downside risk.

Projects incubated through The Foundry not only gain access to DuckDAO’s innovative decentralized fundraising model and Ferrum Network’s impressive technology stack, but they also benefit from both of their incredibly passionate communities. During incubation, projects will be able to leverage the advice and expertise of industry experts, who’ll be on hand to assist with strategic and development challenges.

What This Means for our Ducks

The Foundry can be considered an updated incubation package for early-stage blockchain projects. DuckDAO will still continue to offer early-access to these projects to our blossoming community through our tiered membership structure. As a result, our ducks can expect even more projects, more allocations, and a closer-knit community than ever before.

Not only that, but thanks to our strategic partnership, DuckDaoDime (DDIM) will also be listed in Ferrum’s Unifyre Wallet, enabling even more people to easily hold and spend DDIM. It also opens the door to our much-anticipated staking feature, which will soon be implemented through our collaboration with Ferrum Network.

The total investment allocation secured from promising projects will be divided across our four current membership tiers. As always, our individuals in our highest membership tier (Diamond Lounge) will benefit from first access to highly sought after investments and the largest individual investment caps.

🐥 The Duck Fightclub: 10 DDIM

🐥 Beach Club: 200 DDIM

🐥 Gentlemen’s Club (VIP): 2,500 DDIM

🐥 Diamond Club (VVIP): 10,000 DDIM

Individuals in the Gentlemen’s Club and Beach Club will typically gain access to all but the most exclusive projects, but may have a restricted maximum investment cap, whereas the Duck Fightclub is the lowest tier, with the smallest individual cap and least access. In most circumstances, an allocation will be available in all membership tiers, but a lottery system may be implemented in the lower tiers if there are limited slots.

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