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Labs Group DuckSTARTER Lottery

The Labs Group IDO on DuckSTARTER had to be cut short once again due to extreme DDOS attacks preventing the proper loading of the website for users. While a significant portion of the allocation is already taken successfully by real users, a small part of $7,389.5 remains unallocated.

To facilitate the contribution of the last part of the Labs Group IDO, we’ve decided to temporarily leverage lottery mechanics.

The list of winners is:

Bronze tier:

  • 0xec08eEc7b51ef562999565d148B636802Fb9217A
  • 0x2B8DBf72B3E1F8AA70c60EFBf817Ec7E39DB5079
  • 0x2D66939cF5e9e03980903Bc4aeEE98f67162e058
  • 0xA64557427A455CF77FAf799658Ddf2F8D63108fc

Silver tier:

  • 0xf19d4Fa76eaA6e5b33e06C7140f55213ad3eC38F
  • 0x64DB70e8cBB6F1cBB04154A378389F51b5C3682D
  • 0x48f15Be32e417eF481fE4E6826DD90914408A1Be

Gold tier:

  • 0xC63A7794b034471c7ea446d33bF344aB76F7c833
  • 0x751893105B1eCe3b7fEda367B92Cd1Bcf2Abd673
  • 0xe29b1eD79D615C60C7422918765642F5e1C23229

Platinum tier:

  • 0x22B0E277e5348C406eb6Ec9c82B379Bc82c23922
  • 0xcA1Cda2e595e835555B0735e633389e69085c3e7
  • 0x5b9DAc9F5dB96420814E4c5DD7b5B9F87b9E8E9F
  • 0x6386eA9865c46ea39c11f5e65a5c0fbCC4178147

Lottery winners can visit to use their allocation in the next 12 hours.

If the allocations are not filled in the period, we will continue this process and provide other community members with the opportunity.

Temporary solutions for the future

In light of the recent, relentless DDOS attacks on the DuckSTARTER platform, we consider that user experience has been detrimentally affected. We’ve done everything in our power to mitigate these attackers, however, it’s becoming clear that we are in need of specialist help.

Our mission is to create the best public FCFS launchpad on the market. The lottery mechanics will be implemented temporarily until a cybersecurity solution is implemented and established, one that can withstand severe DDOS attacks and continue to provide a good user experience under the stress.

Until then, all future IDOs on DuckSTARTER will be lotteries with randomly selected addresses from the whitelist.

Find Out More About DuckDAO🐥

DuckDAO is a community-backed digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast track their progress on the path to success.

Who will win? One VC or TEN thousand ducks?

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