New Community Partner CryptoDaku Joins DuckDAO

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2 min readOct 14, 2020

DuckDAO is proud to welcome CryptoDaku as the newest Community Partner! CryptoDaku is a Telegram-first community that is focused on delivering value through its extensive network of contacts. They create AMAs where engaged users ask the right questions and are always working to help the community access early stage projects.

CryptoDaku has a reach of about 40,000 crypto enthusiasts worldwide and produces AMA content regularly. They’ve covered more than 200 projects in their interviews and the community has always been a significant part of their activities.

Organizing regular AMA content requires CryptoDaku to bring together stakeholders, establish conferencing infrastructure, and engage the community. Since 2018, CryptoDaku has successfully followed this difficult process to generate tremendous value for the community.

One of the major strengths of CryptoDaku is their ability to notice when something is wrong, connect the dots, and let their community know about the red flags they perceive.

DuckDAO is exceptionally motivated to work with CryptoDaku because we believe their community is excellent, honest, and productive. They’ve managed to challenge many scam projects and highlighted strengths of great potential investments.

About CryptoDaku

CryptoDaku is a Telegram community that produces AMA content to bridge the gap between users and projects. CryptoDaku also offers marketing support for projects, advising them on strategy, branding, and communications.

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