New Foundry / DuckDAO project — Poolz

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2 min readDec 10, 2020

DuckDAO and the Foundry are coming together to announce a new project entering the fray. We are happy to be aligned with the innovative Poolz protocol, which is breaking new ground in DeFi. Together, we will work to provide Poolz with the highest level of marketing results and support in their mission to provide a seamless swapping experience across all blockchains.

Our collective expertise in strategic advisory, community growth, influencer marketing, will be put to use to enhance the Poolz project and turn this collaboration into a long-term partnership.

What is Poolz?

The latest Foundry project, Poolz is a decentralized layer 3 protocol that enables organizations to run liquidity auctions, positioning them in front of early-stage investors and liquidity miners. Poolz’s vision is to enable a full cross-chain experience with their protocol which they believe will bring out the full extent of DeFi’s potential and make it available for wider adoption.

Right now, their technology works with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and TOMO. The project is constantly on the lookout for promising blockchains to increase its partner pool. The cross-chain capabilities enable Poolz to support ERC-20, BEP-2, $TOMO, and POZ token standards.

The proprietary Poolz protocol token POZ will provide token holders with access to exclusive opportunities, better swap ratios, passive income, and governance decision making. The project plans to list the token on Uniswap in the near future with $150k in liquidity.

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