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Poolz Finance AMA

On Tuesday the 15th of December, the Foundry community had an AMA with Poolz co-founders Guy Oren, Stan Golding, and Liam Cohen.

  • Customizable pool options ensuring relevance for wide-ranging blockchain-based projects and use cases, alongside multi-chain integrations and support. Poolz is built with the long-term aim of enabling a unified interface with cross-chain interactions and other functionalities.
  • A fully decentralized, non-custodial, and trustless ecosystem with robust, Solidity-based smart contracts.
  • An interactive, intuitive, and responsive UI, coded in React for a smooth and seamless user experience. Moreover, Poolz integrates Web3 libraries to access continuous feedback from on-chain data, thus implementing necessary UI upgrades for optimum consistency.
  • Unit testing of smart contracts and network (developed in Truffle) code using Ganache, ensuring optimal bug-resistance and security.
  • Continual and multi-level incentivization mechanisms, facilitating recurrent gains for investors, liquidity providers, and yield farmers.
  • Due to Poolz’s optimized network and contract architecture, innovators require substantially lesser gas fee for registering their pools, as compared to existing market standards (see: Technical Considerations).
  • Liquidity Bootstrapping: Innovators can leverage the Poolz platform to launch token auctions, thus generating liquidity for their DEX listing. Although the platform is the most relevant for early-stage projects, it can be similarly used by any blockchain-based project.
  • OTC Trading: Strengthening widespread DeFi adoption, the Poolz platform can also be used as a marketplace for wide-ranging crypto OTC trading.
  • Yield Generation: Investors can participate in auctions hosted on the Poolz platform, thus generating passive yield from their ETH and DAI holdings (during MVP phase) by providing liquidity to auctioning projects.
  • Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Bid Auction: NFT-based projects can launch dynamic ratio auctions on the Poolz platform, thus diversifying the options for liquidity providers.
  1. Security — Identify issues related to the security within each contract as well as within the system of contracts.
  2. Sound Architecture — Evaluate smart contracts architecture through the use of established software and best smart contract practices.
  3. Code Quality — A complete review of the contract source code, with a focus on correctness, readability, sections of code with high complexity, and quality of test coverage.
  • PR with Market Across — the best PR firm in the blockchain and crypto space. They are working with Binance, Polkadot, Tron, among others.
  • Our Advisors — Partnerships with Layer 2 Blockchain Protocols- Co-marketing, audit (Arcadia group) using Blockchain Labs/Incubateurs- The Foundry, Tomochain, and more to be announced.
  • Testnet Bug bounty is scheduled for next week ,Local Telegram communities (the largest ones are our investors 🙂
  • Referral program
  • Biz-Dev Daily research in order to locate companies early and offer them to manage their sales on Poolz platform. Research media
  • Target B2C / B2B
  • First Pool on Poolz Platform- Create a “momentum” from this successful IDO,
  • Weekly — Email campaign, Social Paid Campaigns, Staking & Governance models, Staking / Governance strategic users, Viral Marketing using B2B ,additional exchanges listing involving trading competition.



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