The BlockMint Joins Forces With DuckDAO — Community Partnership

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2 min readOct 15, 2020

We are excited to announce that The BlockMint (TBM) is a new DuckDAO community partner. TBM is an influential North American crypto community that caters to traders and investors. Using extensive and reliable research methodologies, they provide a platform for members to share technical information and analysis, participate in critical discussions, and work toward the collective understanding of today’s challenges and opportunities.

Their “Up and Coming” projects create a space for the community to get introduced and engaged with innovative solutions in crypto. The BlockMint regularly produces informative AMA sessions that help investors understand their options.

The community is dedicated to helping each member make informed and insightful investment decisions. Part of their culture is to create a safe space for investors and enthusiasts to voice their concerns, ask difficult questions, and receive support from their peers.

DuckDAO is happy to align itself with The BlockMint as we see great value in their contributions to the crypto industry. We need more communities like TBM to step up to the plate, invite the innovators, and ask them the difficult questions.

We hope our partnership with TBM will inspire other communities to build a similar culture and establish habits that challenge the status quo and lead to the most valuable questions about today’s opportunities and challenges.

DuckDAO is happy to support TBM in its endeavor to become crypto’s leading informational organization.

About The BlockMint

Formerly known as ApacheTraders, TBM re-branded to align with its mission and vision. They seek to provide valuable information to community members looking to expose themselves to the most promising crypto investments.

The BlockMint is not just another group of traders, but they are strategic thinkers approaching the crypto ecosystem with high-level thinking. Instead of focusing on the short-term for quick gains, The BlockMint works hard to identify the projects that will return the most in the long term.

They help their community by turning unstructured data into easily digestible and accurate information. TBM also organizes AMA sessions for the community and helps pave the way forward for thousands.



Find Out More About DuckDAO

DuckDAO is a community-backed blockchain-centric incubator platform that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to put them on the path to success.

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