The GoodFellas Become a DuckDAO Community Partner

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2 min readNov 9, 2020

The Duck family is becoming stronger with the latest partnership with The GoodFellas, a US-based crypto community that shares tremendous amounts of values with DuckDAO.

They love talking about cryptocurrency, new projects, regularly organize AMAs with developers and founders, and collaborate with their 5,000 strong community to form a powerful organization with tons of social capital.

DuckDAO is happy to welcome The GoodFellas to the network and bridge our communities closer together, for the benefit of everyone involved. Talking about the partnership, Ken, DuckDAO founder said:

“With this collaboration with The GoodFellas, the DuckDAO is one step closer to critical mass and outreach. Our communities will benefit from sharing experience, stories, and learning more about the cutting edge of crypto from one another.”

About The GoodFellas

The GoodFellas is primarily a Telegram community with outreach on Twitter and Medium. They are focused on providing top-notch crypto education for their members, encouraging discussions around trading, and investing.

There are many active and experienced crypto investors who are breaking down projects based on their tokenomics. Most of them have skin in the game, tons of experience, and are not afraid to share their insights into what it takes to be a successful crypto investor.




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