Here is the Point

Teacher: Scott Walter, Sensei

Remember we are learning about space, and we are targeting a particular space and reason.

We are getting more to the point, but there is still a lot of drift into appreciation in everyone’s posts. Here is the point. I have offered it several times, but due to a lack of respect, it is not becoming the value we are centering on. We are, circling it, but not centering yet.

I can say the point again, but before I do, let’s remember why and what we are here practicing. We are learning about an art…an art of giving…and way of being in the moment that can unlock the inward understandings of everything.

Now here is the point: when you practice, you have to go through the prime positions to bring anything into being. You may be at a distance in your awareness to the prime positions, but that would only be true if you were following Cain’s way into the land of Nod. If you follow Abel, you will be more Able in everything, but you must have the respect required to be Able (Abel).

In your posts [a reference to online discussion groups], you start to track the pathway to the Lord. Then, something happens…you start to drift outward. Why? Because you lacked the Respect of being Able. Then, if you continue drifting outward, you end up nodding out in the land of Nod. The turning point is the thing you must find and you need Respect for it if you want to find it.

Why continue outward when our practice is to see the Lord? You must learn to give what is Able to show the respect required to continue inward. I have described how the principles, when applied as an inward directed loop, can take you to an understanding of everything. I have pointed to the moments of turning toward and away. This point is your target. Can you give an understanding of that target? If you do, it needs to contain all four principles, and to see the Lord, you will need to be giving all four continuously for that reason.

Scott Walter, Sensei 
October 27, 2009

Here is the Point
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