Inventing Truth

Teacher: Scott Walter, Sensei

The mysteries can in fact open to us if we are willing and able to understand their values.

We do in fact invent truth. When we invent truth we make up the distance between our position in reason and that of the Truth and when the distance is ignored and/or denied it becomes truth instead of Truth and this reduced value can be a lesser Known when we are facing inward and can be a known when facing outward. When we invent Truth as Truth, we vent inwardly in our breathing and meditation and we value the Known elements present in our inventions. Our relationship to Truth is always based in part on our inventions and [how] the qualities of those inventions speak of our inward relationship to Truth.

As to the detector of Truth that exists within us all, it is of a lesser value when we dwell in the lesser values and it is of greater value when we dwell more inwardly on the more substantial values. This is the reason some people have more of this sense than others.

Compassion and forgiveness do become not only easier as we reason more inwardly; these traits actually become common sense, and the more inwardly dwelling beings live with that common sense because it is so commonly found among them.

Scott Walter, Sensei 
September 5, 2009

Inventing Truth
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