Knowing the Everything

Teacher: Scott Walter, Sensei

As I wrote earlier, it was eating from the tree of knowledge that separated Adam and Eve from the Known. Before they took that turn, they were dwelling in a sense of Oneness with the Known. Adam was primarily looking inward and Eve was primarily looking outward, but they shared a Known connection between themselves. As they lived in this inner connection, it provided them with a Knowing of the Known, and they became Known for it.

As I wrote earlier, Adam was Knowing the Source in Matter and Eve was Knowing the Matter in Source. They knew the One in all and they knew the beings showing through matter. Together they were Knowing the Known. Imagine this: imagine Knowing the Creator beings and the various beings showing through matter. When Adam and Eve changed their way to a knowledge of the good and bad in matter, they changed their perspective from the Oneness to the many. They shifted outwardly, which separated them from each other and from their sense of Oneness. They turned to center on the limited knowledge that comes from the many individual forms of matter. Each form of matter is a limited expression of the Everything. Before the fall, Adam and Eve were dwelling in the unlimited sense of Knowing, because they were Knowing the beings of the moment by the relationship of themselves and those beings to the Known. After the fall, they no longer Knew the beings as members of the Known. They turned into only knowing the beings by what was good or bad about them… and they had just lost their sense of Knowing the Known in everything because when they turned to separate knowings, they had given away their relationship to Oneness. So, it became very difficult to know what was good or bad when they did not have a constant sense of the Known to measure it to. What had happened caused them to no longer Know the Everything. Instead they had to know everything about the Everything and they had to piece it together without a sense of True Oneness.

We can prove the truths of any of the understandings I am sharing with you. The proof is in every one of us and so are the higher states of Knowing. To Know, as a way of being, we must always be willing to Know beyond our current knowing, becoming more open to how everything is Known in the Known. This leads to Knowing the Everything, as it is the state of Being that everything is an individual example of.

Sometimes people think this is just too much to consider and that it is not relevant to their everyday moments. Oh, but it is. It is the most relevant of all relevance. This same fall and inward compromise is occurring over and over. But so is the Knowing and when we open our hearts and minds to Knowing the Known, the Known becomes more accessible to us. And everyone of us is part of the Everything, so everyone of us has had some experience in truly Knowing something or someone. This inner sense has to do with something or someone’s relationship to the Known.

Sometimes we stop the Knowing and start the knowing and this closes our minds to the greater truths of the moment. Sometimes we Know and we endure the changes in how we Know so we can Know even more. This can open our hearts and minds to truer understanding.

Often, when we are accepting of the truths of the heart, we have more than just one Knowing moment. This repeated sense builds our faith, because Faith itself is a form of Knowing in the Known. When we have firsthand experience in the Truth of this, we build Faith that there is more Knowing beyond our knowing. Even when we think we Know, there is much more of the Known to Know. Do you Know what I mean? Or do you know what I mean? Or both?

The Truth and the Known are in everything and Everything. But when we live with our sense of the known, by holding to matters as though they are the most important aspect of our knowings, we shut off the ever Truer Known and are unable to hear and see the Truths shining from further within the Known. How sad it is when we live as prisoners defending what we know doesn’t work, when the inner Knowing is also available. Even when we reach for a more inner Knowing, it is only a part of the Known. To Know some thing in the Known is not the same as Knowing the Known. Some thing is just an aspect of the Known. Our Faith increases as we get to Know the Known better, not because we are knowing something about it, but because we have a Known relationship with it.

As we open our hearts and minds to Know the Known more, we may also discover that our relationship to the Known is based on fear or anger or some repetitive negative emotion that keeps us caught in matters that are counterproductive. Over time, we may even become Known for those negative ways of being. Even the lower forms of faith can increase our expectations of something else to be fearful or angry about. We sometimes know why we are fearful and angry. But do we Know the beings in the moment as those beings are Known in the Known? Faith that surrounds us with negativity is a weak form of faith that has been reduced from the state of Knowing to the lower state of knowing.

Healthy fear and anger will not dominate our sense of faith. Higher faith should dominate our fears and anger. Lower faith comes from our tendencies to be and react a certain way. Higher faith comes from Knowing the beings of the Known and Knowing the value of their presence and reasoning.

We must learn to understand our knowings and our Knowings. We must learn to center in the moment on our current version of the connection where Adam and Eve were originally Known. This is the point of Oneness. To truly Know these points is to Know them in Everything and everything. If you do, you can see the Oneness in anything, because these are the points of Oneness within each of us. We can go beyond what those beings called Adam and Eve have done in their connection to Oneness. The Everything is open to us all. But the point of connection must be realized or it will only be a knowing of matter’s limitations at best.

When we don’t know, we may be in the unknown, facing the Known or away from it looking for more knowing. It is good to not know when we are open to the Known. Our many knowings limit our access to Knowing. The Known and the beings of the Known are all available to Know, but we must become conscious of that state of being.

This should not be something we are separated from. Everything has a relationship to its source. When we choose to sense our relationship to Source, we improve our sense of Oneness. This is the meaning of gratitude. Appreciation improves our relationship to matter. Bringing Adam and Eve together again is the act that bridges matter and Source. Matter becomes understood from its relationship to Source, and Source becomes understood through the matters in life. We should be able to see this in everything, and we can… when we see the Everything-ness of this.

We can do this in ways that have important meaning in our lives if we are willing to practice the principles that facilitate that understanding. We can be in harmony with this inner point of understanding at any number of resolutions, and the benefits will be present according to those resolutions. The Sea of Consciousness is forever present. The Great River and its Current run through each moment. Our relationship to the River and the Current moment depends on our disposition. The Current can take us into the unknown, the known and the Known. We can move within the Current to find knowings that serve our positive and negative positions in matter, and we can also move within to become more at one with the Current’s Source of being and our Truer reasons for being.

There are many, many ways to be in the current moment and there are many forms of being associated with those ways. One way of being is where we are trapped, and often impressed by our knowledge. Another way is where we are free to become ever more at one with the beings of the Known. This means to live from the heart. And it means to associate with beings of the heart. If your heart shuts down, so will your entire body. It is the organ most connecting you to the Now. What your heart connects to in the moment’s current will determine the nature of your Now.

When I teach in front of a live class, I like to show how and where ideas exist in the moment. I look for them in the Now. Each one has a place and has something of value to offer. We can find Buddha, Debussy, Van Gogh, Socrates, Einstein, Angelic beings and God if we know how to recognize them in the moment…if we really Know them in the Known. And we can find each other, and even Adam and Eve. Most people look away from the Now for everything and Everything. But it is all here, in all ways. We are the living forms of the Everything currently dwelling in human matter.

What are you in the moment to do? What were you doing before? What will you be doing later? It all has to do with how we relate to the Moment; this moment, the one before and the one to come.

Can you find yourself in the moment? Can you find your Self in the moment? Can you improve your ways of being in the moment? This is the spiritual work.

Ask yourself this… Where are you in your moment to moment living? How are you known to the people in your life? How are you Known to the beings of the Known? How do you Know the beings of the Known?

Scott Walter, Sensei 
August 20, 2009

Knowing the Everything
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