Let’s Put Belief Aside for a Moment

sometimes belief can close our minds when we most need them open

The Newtonian mechanistic, scientific view of the world — mysticism and spirituality aside — dominates today’s landscape, as it has for centuries. One of the consequences of this world view is that consciousness is seen to be a result of materialism, not the other way around. As a result, we all live in a world where consciousness has been relegated to a minor, almost inconsequential role. I’m talking about the dominant view here, and I’m brushing aside — for the moment — metaphysical teachings… precisely because they do NOT dominate.

So, let’s do a little ‘what if’. What if, in the pursuit of science and in the pursuit of unraveling the nature of the universe — including matter — quantum physics begins to realize the connectivity of everything? And begins to observe unseen forces that inexplicably transcend time and distance? Because this is what is occurring right now.

And let’s leave ‘belief’ out of it, at least for the moment. Let’s just see it for what it is. Let’s allow science itself to pull back the curtains. Because science itself is about to prove the very things that mystics have been teaching for centuries… but have been unable to prove!