Night (1)

Gerben T.

In the night I like to go out to the forest,
there I feel at best
when everything is obscured
by mist and by darkness.
A darker, better variant of the world,

a place of unknown beings,
usually very silent,
sometimes appearing at forest clearings;
not because of excitement
it seems to be that they are moving
but it is fear,
of what is before them.
They do not belong to the present,
as they have no engagements.
It appears to me,
they run back to remote ages.
As they are very sensitive,
it seems to be,
they receive the goods and the truths of life
far more easily,
and also might, infinitely better
sense the necessity
to pass it on to some others.
Thus was unfolded their comprehension of the world:
good it is only in the right moment
never when it comes second hand.

In the middle of that forest a small lake spreads out

sometimes glowing in the moonlight
sometimes softened by the clouds,
far away from the vast waters of the sea
where it did not want to be.
A gigantic mirror, mildly scattered around,
a place very clear and also very calm.
Not talking, not a sound
as she keeps her thoughts in her most secret realm.
She can see inside me
as I can see myself within her
directly, from the start,
and the words that are usually so lightly spoken
sit upon our hearts.
In these moments of reflection
truth appears to be a living thing;
thus was unfolded her comprehension of the world,
as if she were laughing
she said: ‘personally, I think
laws of physics only work at daylight
they do not at night’.