Revealing Aspects

Teacher: Scott Walter, Sensei

This article is in response to a comment on Eternal Awareness. Sensei begins by acknowledging two student’s comments. One student refers to his stance and footwork, and the other student talks about her turning. Sensei points out that these seemingly casual references have a deeper meaning. He begins with:

“The Truth is all around and we often dismiss the most revealing aspects.”

To the first student he states: “When you draw attention to your footwork, you are shining the light on your way of walking the path.”

To the second student he states: “When you shine the light on your turnings, you are asking for an understanding of the turning point. Why else would you point to the turning?”

If our truths are not serving us well, are they validating our course? What is being counted and validated? Is it what we want to understand? Or is it what we want to move toward? Or from? Why don’t we consider these things?

When we are in Love don’t we pursue more of that Love? Your footwork, as described in the three phases of your spiritual journey counts for more than you may even realize. The stumblings, the easy goings, the uphills and the flatlands all have value, yet we often invalidate the most important parts and validate what does not even serve us well. I know you can see value in each phase. Can you love each phase? Can you love each stumble? Can you love when you choose left, knowing you should go right? How about when you choose left because you cannot see what is right? and you end up going in circles? Can you love that?

Imagine walking this way… stepping where we don’t want to go and then affirming the step. Maybe if we affirm the wrong direction enough, we will be happier. But what is the right way? Sometimes the right way might be a way we don’t want to go where right feels wrong. How could it be right and wrong?

When we fell in the lives of Adam and Eve, we fell into a world of right and wrong, good and bad, mistake and correction. God said, then you will have to find your way through that and you will have to live and die until you do. And so we have been.

As we study together here, let’s remember that becoming aware in the rights and wrongs of anything and everything is our path home. And let’s Love home more than our rights and wrongs. We are here to look in between the positive and negative. They can both be our friends when we stand in a better understanding of them. The path to Truth and Love is forever in between our rights and wrongs. No one can be only right or only wrong. Being all right or alright is when you are open to all forms of right. It is not the same as only right. God is everything and the Lord balances in the rights and wrongs of Everything for the Truer Reasons for Being in Love.

This is why the Lord’s Love is eternal, forgiving, unconditional, and why his rod and staff comfort. To see the Lord, we must meet the moment where the Lord resides. Let’s face our turnings and footwork in that direction and in that way of being in our moments.

Scott Walter, Sensei 
September 17, 2009

Revealing Aspects
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