The Cleric of Contradiction

Insights into disorders within the Order

The Cleric of Contradictions is always self-appointed. It is by no means an official or sanctioned monastic position. Although it does show up in the Orders.

The reasons for self-appointment are abundantly clear to anyone who knows one of these clerics. Truth is, it’s often the only way they can get titles or positions.

Let’s take a look at their gifts:

  1. This Cleric’s personal opinions are always strong. Even if they are shy. Forceful even when no words are spoken. Think ‘the silent treatment.’
  2. If a current personal opinion counters a past personal opinion, the Cleric is the sole arbiter of which of his/her own, personal opinions will rule the day. Their word is always final.
  3. Clerics often live in some form of isolation, which in a sense enhances the strength of their opinions. Think of a housewife, or a lonely cubicle man who punches in and out with little daily interaction. Their lack of social interaction drives the strength of their firm convictions. “Because I said so,” is a beginner cleric’s attempt to rule the day. These early, small attempts mask their ambition, and are warnings of future gale force winds.
  4. They are known to adopt a subtle form of silent, seething rage. Especially if their opinions aren’t adopted. Refer to ‘the silent treatment.’
  5. They will say things like, “I am the friendliest person I know” but then stare at you darkly, mute when you ask them how things are going.

These bastions of considerable opinions can be quite difficult to go camping with. If you are lighting a campfire by rubbing two sticks together, they become indignant with the inefficiency of it all. Because they’re always wanting to pour gasoline on the fire.

You know the type — forever second guessing, peering over your shoulder with the certain smugness of a backseat driver.

Be alert.