The Six Human Rights of Fairness

  1. We believe Fairness is a basic human right.
  2. We believe Consideration for others is a basic human right.
  3. We believe mutual Respect is a basic human right. Abuse of our future or of people or of our planet through the application of harmful power, politics, law, wealth, business or position is a violation of human rights.
  4. We believe in the Rule of Chairs. If we are negotiating from opposite sides of the table, you and I should be able to switch chairs and still agree that the deal is Fair. It’s not Fair if I give you a child’s sippy cup while I drive away with a full tanker truck. I’d probably not want to switch chairs.
  5. We believe Non-Violence is a basic human right. Intimidation, aggressiveness and bullying are forms of violent behavior — even when they are subtle.
  6. We believe Self Defense is a basic human right. Men, women, children, families and communities have the right to defend themselves.

Each of these exemplify Fairness. You can’t have one without the others. If you’re doing any one of the them, you’re practicing Fairness. All Six Rights are contained in any single one of these Rights.

(And as Simone Weil suggests, the term ‘obligation’ might be preferable to the term ‘right’.)