The Scholarly Nun of Creeds

Insights into disorders within the Order

Deep within the academic branch of The Monastery of Nothingness is an unrenowned tributary of considerable influence within the Order. Like a good rug, good academics tie many of our monastic rooms together. Thus and therefore, an essential woman of letters is The Scholarly Nun of Creeds.

The Scholarly Nun of Creeds is a woman of profundity. Her role is to navigate the boggy, oozing morass of ‘belief’, all the while manifesting The Holy Ground of Neutrality.

Belief is a fickle mistress, typically demanding utter loyalty, even in the face of overwhelming odds to the contrary. The Scholarly Nun of Creeds doesn’t dispute belief. She recognizes its existence, and acknowledges the passion that accompanies it.

But she is a vigilant and patient servant of the cloth, understanding the obligatory nature of the slavery of belief. Belief can only be communicated within its own language, and The Scholarly Nun of Creeds is a master linguist.

An advanced student of Comparative Beliefs and Foregone Conclusions, The Scholarly Nun of Creeds fills a vital role in the Necessary Room of Flushed Suppositions.