The Scribe of Sugarcoating

Insights into disorders within the Order

The Scribe of Sugarcoating has become something of a lost skill.

Sugarcoating is the frosting on the cake of insincerity. And there are plenty of people championing the spit-shine of shallow compliments, including showing off countless trophies of meaningless understandings and library stacks of accomplishments.

But here’s where the art comes in: The Scribe of Sugarcoating plays into this, actually sailing along with the prevailing wind of shallow chest thumping, high-fives and shoulder bumps.

The Scribe’s work involves relentlessly advocating nonsense. It’s a bait and switch technique designed to wear you down. Full of nonsensical attaboys, it draws you in with tireless affirmations, and ultimately leaves you exhausted, doubting your own ridiculous assumptions.

The essential strategy is that when people finally collapse from the overwhelming lies, assumptions and half truths, they awaken in The Monastery of Nothingness. Or somewhere in the vicinity.

Of course, the genius of the Scribe’s strategy is that even if it is revealed, no one dares challenge it. It’s an Emperor’s New Clothes kind of thing.

The Scribe of Sugarcoating is typically a student in the monastery’s School of Self Defense, a warrior of self-awareness and consciousness. Dedicated to the long-game strategy, these warriors are rigorously trained to become impervious to succumbing to the sweet taste of self deception. They can stare saccharine in the eyes, and walk away with no regrets.

Oh, and if one day you happen to awaken in The Monastery of Nothingness, don’t panic. You’ll be fine. We have monks and nuns (tour guides, actually) on hand to help you.