True Knowing

Teacher: Scott Walter, Sensei

Using the understandings is the way to understand them better and it leads to more of the Knowing aspect within when we use them as they are Known instead of how they are known or unknown. Are there gradations of knowing? Yes, there are gradations of Knowing, just as there are gradations of knowing. As you come to know me more, you will have more knowledge of me and of my understandings. As you come to Know me more, you will have more Knowledge of Me and my Understandings.

Are some of these Knowings in the sub-conscious? Yes. Are some un-conscious? Yes. Why? Because they exist in the Known at different levels of being and those deeper points within can be sub-conscious, 
when we are actively relating to them below our accessible levels in conscious awareness, and they can be un-conscious when they are inactive in our manner of being.

When we have opportunities to know more, it just makes for more matters of knowing, but when we have opportunities to Know more, it opens our minds to the Knowing, the Known and the beings of the Known 
as they are Known in the Known. When we Know the Known, we do not have to memorize everything. The Everything is the thing we are Knowing. And we recognize the Everything through the beings that dwell in the Known. 
True Knowing comes from a Knowing of the Known. It is a self evident

Knowing and the idea of Faith comes from the Knowing of the Known. It is not blind. It is a seeing into the Known in a way that opens our sense of Knowing to some degree. Stand in that Faith and more Truth will be Known.

Scott Walter, Sensei 
August 17, 2009

True Knowing
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