What Are You Really Offering in the Moment?

Teacher: Scott Walter, Sensei

When we set ourselves to practice our reason for being, are we able to remember what it is? Do we look for it and stand on it, hoping for an even clearer version to appreciate? Do we respect it when it peeks through the moment at us enough to acknowledge it? Do we appreciate it and grow it into a more capable position? Do we show gratitude when the better version presents itself? Do we respect the improvements enough to live on them, sharing them and growing them more in our lives?

When we consider something in the moment, do we practice our reason in that consideration? When we wish everyone, or someone, in our life would be more understanding of our reason, do we offer them what we say we really want to be more about, or do we give our own reason away expecting them to do what we have trouble doing? Do we value frustration, anger, forgetfulness and all the ways of being that upset us more than we value genuine effort and practice? Do we give others and do we give our difficulties the reasons and ways of being that we tell ourselves we are all about being more of?

How can we truly practice more gratitude when we enter into hard moments being forgetful of what we are supposed to be more grateful for? When the way we want to be more about is happening, what do we do to honor that offering? How can we better recognize the living form of our reason for being when it is being expressed by ourselves or someone else?

The four principles of Giving are showing us how to be in better attunement with our reasons for being and how to recognize them in others. These principles help us recognize and build a more in the moment relationship with the ways we claim we want to be more about. Our givings are our life offerings and they represent our relationship to the line of reasoning.

The conflict of Cain and Abel, the first sons of Adam and Eve, is about understanding the value of our offerings to the Lord. Abel’s offering brought him closer to the Lord. Cain’s offering led him to the land of Nod, where he continued to dwell and multiple his value, while nodding off to the reason he was created to be more about. Adam and Eve were unABLE to be with Cain because he had gone to dwell in the land of Nod.

We are unable to connect to the Lord unless we are Able. Able, or Abel, exists as a point that can connect to the Lord on the matter side of Adam and Eve. But we need to know Able if we want to connect through that inner point of dwell. And we need to know how to recognize Cain and the land of Nod, if we want to awaken from our turning away from the better offerings of life.

The moment is often offering us the pathway to a better understanding. When it appears, we must respect it, even when it comes through someone else’s offering.

Scott Walter, Sensei 
October 27, 2009

What Are You Really Offering in the Moment?
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