Your Inner Work

Teacher: Scott Walter, Sensei

Q: You seem to have hinted at the possibility that maybe I’m here to pick up and carry on with work that I’m familiar with because I’ve experienced it before. Although something of the sort had crossed my mind, I can’t really think how to practise on that, or indeed, if practice is relevant to this rather than some other method I don’t know about. If there are assignments I should be working on, I want to be doing that, but I don’t know where to start. Is there any advice you could offer about this?

A: There are assignments and yes, you do have inner work to do. We all do, including those people at your former school. One important step is for us to re-visit this idea of inventing.

From one perspective you are continuing to be correct in your focus on how some people make up the truth. For our studies, I want you to be able to see the truth in everything. You can find there is truth in your statement and observations that some people simply make up or invent the truth in a way that is not truthful. But here is the truth in that: They may not be truth Full, but there is some measure of truth present or they would have nothing to make up. The stuff they are using and combining all contains some measure of truth. Their combinations may not contain quantities and qualities of the truth you want to be more about, but they could be serving the dwelling points of others quite well.

The line of reason, or Truth and Love, that is extending from the central core outward has many dwelling points of value from the inner most to the outermost. The innermost is the most truthful and the outermost is the most truthless. But there is truth in every position. When the Truth is less than the position you dwell in, it will NOT be a good invention to you. But it an still be a good invention to someone dwelling further out or facing more outward. 
It is important for us to recognize the truth in all things. We should be looking for it, not denying its presence. We want to be truth seekers. Even when looking at what feels like a lesser truth, we can move up the in vent to see the more truthful reason for the lesser dwell.

Your inner work requires you to understand this. You must be able to go into anything with an eye on the truth…and not just seeing the diluted versions as lesser truths, but also looking upstream to the reasons and values giving those lower forms meaning. When you can see the upstream, or in vent, values of the lesser examples, study forms and work, you will be able to offer those practices a clearer sense of their own reason for being…not because you are imposing a value on them, but because you are able to see the truth of the reason more clearly.

Our work is not about condemning ourselves or the difficulties of living. We want to focus ourselves inwardly in ways that truly can help bring more clarity to everyone’s reasoning. Think about this. One way is to come up with some invention of the truth that will help everyone move more inwardly in their chosen paths, where anyone could see the value of the invention as a more truthful reason. They could simply go more inward and verify the truthfulness, from any faith or way of being. Another way is to view everyone else as having no path to truth, where we now have to convince them to abandon their work, study and ways of being. It just seems like it would be easier to use the Truth that is present in everything as the pathway, by understanding that everyone has some connection to it and that they can actualize their own reasoning best when they engage more inwardly in it.

Read the articles ‘Inventing Truth’ and ‘The Quality of Invention.’ We really do have work to do and we need the mindsets missing from many spiritual efforts. Consider that our work involves more than just ourselves going more within. Imagine visiting your former school and telling them they were completely void of truth. Now imagine going there and listening to the lesson and then showing how it is done in the moment. They would be very interested in that.

I am not suggesting that your work is to be defined by what others want to do. I am suggesting that it has to do with living in an understanding that can appreciate the inner reasons of our many forms and efforts and that you can show gratitude for the more sourceful, truthful values in those forms… and that you can respect those inner values in ways that allow you to appreciate, or bring the inner even more into form, so others can see the inner reasoning and truths of their efforts more clearly, while you continue to show gratitude for their moments of seeing, by respecting the values of the inner coming even more into form, to be appreciated again as the moment adjusts course in our way of understanding.

Scott Walter, Sensei 
September 15, 2009

Your Inner Work
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