Leave room for the “unrealistic”

By nature I’m a realist. Which means I tend to think things through and then frame them in boxes of real and unreal.

This approach has helped me focus a lot on “getting things done.” It’s helped me professionally as well as personally.

When I look back and assess my life, which I do often, Iv started noticing a cliched pattern.

Decisions that turned out really good for me were realistic at that point.

Every decision Iv made which seemed logical and “real” at that point has given be predictable results and the success rate is pretty good. Which is not a bad thing to have!

But when I look at all decisions Iv made hoping for an unrealistic outcome, the success rate has been on the lower side, but the ROI on each success has been of multiple magnitudes. (Much like a VC model!)

The way to go then is this:

Be realistic in your implementation and day to day execution. Be unrealistic in life altering decisions, stretch your imagination and aim for unrealistic targets with chances of multifold returns.

Even if you miss all but one, the one that you hit will be worth it.

Leave room for the unrealistic ideas or decisions.

Typed from my phone – Allow room for typos.

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