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If you ask someone in the street to describe the term “entrepreneur”, they will tell you that it is someone who starts a business. If you ask them to describe some features of an entrepreneur, they will discard terms such as visionary, leader, and possibly hero; They will describe an entrepreneur as risky, aggressive, influential, creative, opportunistic, someone with a great personality.

This representation is only partially correct. All of us are entrepreneurs. We are all born with the innate ability to survive; and survival implies an innovative thought. Think about your life. Think in the moments when you needed to make a decision, an election, which involved doing something innovative — something it was not used to do — in order to go ahead or adapt to a challenging situation. In our normal course of the daily life we face elections.

Behind the heart of any successful business there is a great idea. Some of them seem so simple that we wonder why nobody thought about them earlier. Others are so revolutionary that we wonder how someone might have thought of it.

The ideas for startups often begin with a problem that must be solved, and that is the case of Duely. And they usually do not come while you are sitting drinking coffee and contemplating the life. Tend to be disclosed while you work hard in something else, the great ideas come from all types of sources: the daily puzzle, the subconscious mind or the most important for us, giving solutions to real problems, therefore from duely we want to focus on work based on direct contact with the teams, players and fans, creating an ecosystem that Improve the Duely’s community.

In these last two trips that we have done, there have been great moments, which have certainly enriched our minds and those of all our team, share the experience is synonymous of a work in team.

Duely lands in the “Bird’s Nest”

Fotography by Alae Oundir — Bird’s Nest (Beijing, China)

I am Alae Oundir, the CCO of Duely. My enrichment has never stopped; I really like to travel to meet other cultures, people and especially ideas. Recently I have been for five days in Beijing assisting to the final of the League of Legends World Championship, a competition of esports that has assembled more than 100 million spectators in the whole world, so amazing. But for me the important thing was also the people around that event.

A day before the final was held a press conference for all the media that came to cover the competition, there were some media’s like ESPN, ESPN Latin America, Movistar, Sky, CBS and many more, nearly 80 medias from all over the world moved to Beijing, I had the opportunity to get access to that meeting. During the press conference four props of Riot Games appeared; the founders Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck, as well as the director of esports Whalen Rozelle, and the co-chief of esports Jarred Kennedy.

During the press conference, the founder of Riot Games said a phrase that perfectly describes what it is to be an entrepreneur:

“We must celebrate that we are different from traditional sports, and not wanting to look like them or seek their acceptance.”

Definitely Marc Merrill is an entrepreneur and the whole empire that has built it along with its partners it validates as such. In Duely we share these ideals, the change and its need. It can be hard for some persons, hard to accept, but the innovation always opens the way between everyday.

The event was completely wonderful, to the outskirts of the stadium it heard how the people were chorusing or acclaiming whenever a player was doing one movement that was standing out on the others, from the outside it was looking like a football match, basketball or any other sport. But in this case they were esports.

Fotography by Alae Oundir — Pangu 7 Star Hotel (Beijing, China)

It was fantastic when I went backstage and I met Whalen Rozelle!, and what was my surprise to see that the Riot games director of esports knew the Duely project. During the conversation he showed great interest in knowing in detail how the platform will work, but there was a comment that could not disappear from my mind until it complied and it was;

“I see that there are many possibilities in which this works”.

Undoubtedly Duely is taking a presence in the electronic sports industry, it is normal, this industry has a problem that requires a solution and this is us.

Lisbon welcomes us

On the other side, almost 10,000 km away from Beijing was my partner Vicent Martí, who was representing Duely at the Web Summit in Lisbon; a technology conference that is held annually since 2009. According to what the environment told me, it was impressive, there were many types of profiles, from investors to startups, also big personalities of companies like Reddit or esports teams like Fnatic, even François Hollande was in the event.

There were many people who were at our stand and we are tremendously grateful that people came forward interested in the project! Investors, amateurs, experts in ICOs, endless profiles. Duely became “one of the 100 most hyped startups of Web summit, and it was thanks to all of you.

Duely pitching at the Web Summit 2017 — Lisbon, Portugal

Something really rewarding happened to us and that strengthens our work. At the end of the first day of the Web Summit and while our colleagues Vicent and Pablo were picking up the stand, a person hurried up to ask more about our startup. This person knew the project and was willing to make an investment as soon as possible, a person who fully trusted our project. As with the words of the esports director at Riot Games, this was another adrenaline boost to our ambition and our work.

We were the first to start with the pitch’s, our partner Nicola took care that everyone present understood the difficulties that concern the esports and the solution provided by Duely. After our pitch many of the spectators approached our stand in search of more information, as Vicent says;

“ It was all very satisfying.”

The personal and professional trajectory also represents a source of inspiration for others. Either too much or little experience, there will always be those who are ahead or starting their own journey towards the fulfillment of the goals. Remember, we’ve all undertaken sometime.

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