What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is a sports game where a user creates a team with 11 players from a total pool of 25 to 30 players from the squad for an upcoming match. Once the match starts, the users get points for their 11 players based on how they perform in the “real match”. Points will be given for runs, wickets, catches etc.,

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Tips for scoring high in Fantasy Cricket:

  1. Understand the points system — Each website has their own points system for ranking the users. Most system considers the basic attributes like runs, wickets, catches and strike rate. Some sites has different points system based on the match type — ODI, Test and T20. So, choose your players based on the match type. If a site offers points for
  2. Recent performances — If a player is in good form, you can find that by looking at his recent performances. If a player is playing well for a couple of matches, it is highly possible that he will continue his performance in the upcoming match too. Usually batsmen openers stay longer in the game, so can score more. Bowlers in the death bowlers usually gets higher points because the batting team gives away lot of wickets trying to hit big.
  3. Update selections after toss — Once the toss is over, you will get to know who is in the Playing XI and who is not, from the captains. Update your selection in those few minutes before the match starts, to ensure all your 11 players are in the 22 players of the match.
  4. All Rounders as Star players — Most sites offer different types of star players (Eg. Captain/Vice Captain, Silver/Gold etc.,). These player earn 2 times the points or 1.5 times the points. Usually All rounders are chosen for star players. Since they get points in all departments.
  5. Importance to composition (Batsmen, Bowlers, WK & All Rounders) — Choose from all types of players. If you choose most batsmen, then you will not get enough points for bowlers. Not all batsmen are going to score points. All Rounders are very important as they can score on the batting and bowling side. Sometimes, they are good fielders too. Wicket Keepers are important too, since they score points for catches, stumpings, run-outs and runs too. An ideal composition would include 4 batsmen, 1 wicket keeper, 2 all rounders and 4 bowlers.
  6. Balance the teams — Do not choose all your players from your favorite team. In a CSK vs RCB match, if CSK is your favorite team, you might want to choose maximum players from CSK. Avoid doing that. Since it is going to be an equal game, players from both the teams are going to get points. Do not choose more than 6 players from a team.

Introducing our App — “DuggOut Fantasy Cricket”:

Play Duggout Fantasy Cricket at app.duggout.com

We have three ways of using our App. All three are FREE.

  1. The play store version has only “skill” leagues. It does not have any cash leagues. Because it is not allowed by the Play Store Policy. The play store link is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.duggout.free
  2. To play cash leagues, you can download our PRO version (which is also free to download and use) from our official website https://app.duggout.com/android
  3. If you do not have an Android mobile, you can also play DuggOut online at our site https://duggout.com/. We are still working on this web app, so some features available in our Android app might not be available in the web app.

Some of the features in our App:

  • 100% winnings for your own leagues. No commission or cut. If you are creating your own league, the winners take 100% of the total amount in the league. We do not take a share.
  • Predictions — Predict and Win. Answer simple predictions like “Who will be the top scorer for CSK?” and “What will be RCB’s final score?”. You can place a challenge for 1 credit and win 2 credits if you win.
  • Battles — You can play 1 vs 1 Battle with your friend or anyone and win Power Packs
  • Power Packs — Power Packs are special powers that let you score more points easily and beat your competition. There are many types power packs. “Increase Limit by 200” power pack allows you to select players of worth 1200 points. Usual limit is 1000. So you have a possibility to pick the best players and score more. “Two Gold Players” allows you to select two gold players from your 11 players. Usual limit is just 1 gold player. Again, you will score double the points for both your gold players. Check our DuggOut App for the complete list of power packs.

Drop your feedback at info@duggout.com.




Updates about our App & How-to's. Play online at http://duggout.com or Android app at http://app.duggout.com/android. Giphy: https://giphy.com/channel/duggoutcricket

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