Why Using Digital Business Card is the Best Available Option

Mayank Kumar
Feb 13, 2019 · 6 min read

We are living in an age, where the world is going digital with a greater slope. In the last few years, I’ve seen a number of changes. To name a few you can look at Digital Papers, Digital Currency, Digital Displays, even Digital Business Cards, and a lot more.

duit.io | digital business cards

I still remember, there was a time when the paper was in trend and smartphones and digital screens were rare. And there is a time when papers are rare and digital screens and smartphones are in trend. This is a Change!

It doesn’t matter, what do you think about this change? If you favor it or not? But it’s a change. If you favor this change, then you have already accepted this. If you don’t favor this change and think the paper was better than screens, then change it accordingly. You can change something that is in your hands. And if it is not in your hands, accepting the change is an intelligent option. Someone has wisely said — “Be the change you want to see in the world” or “Accept the change”.

Now, I’m about to share my own opinion that most of the people believe is best. From my frame of reference, I think you should accept the change since it is easier. There are a ton of reasons why I’m saying so. I’m sure that you’ll also have the same opinion before you’ll complete reading this blog post. Let’s start with a simple question-

What is a Digital Business Card?

Digital Business Card is an electronic form of a business card that can be used on the place of a paper business card.

duit.io | digital business cards

Some great apps like duit.io (DUIT) provide you with the opportunity to create and share digital business card without hustle through Web, WhatsApp, Facebook, Chat, Email, etc. among people and build a great network easily. You can communicate and reconnect with people later.

Digital Business Cards helps you to share with people who you are and what your business is all about. With DUIT, you can also get to know where you met and you can send your digital business card to anyone even if they do not have the app installed on their smartphone. You can recall your information via Digital Business Cards. It also helps you to maximize your online presence and increase your opportunities.

Pro tip: How to Build a Brand Story?

What motivates you? What inspires your team to wake up and come into work every day? How will your company change the world? Brand stories begin with answers to these questions — start vocalizing yours.

Why Should you use a Digital Business Card?

For the last four centuries, we’re using paper business cards. Basically, most paper is made from wood (tree). The most disappointing thing is that ‘more than 88% of business cards are thrown out a week after they’re exchanged.’ Now you can imagine how many trees are cut down.

I would like to appeal to you, please, Stop using paper business cards and start using digital business cards. Save Trees, Save Earth — Be Digital with DUIT and grow your network in a smarter way. You do not need to pay, print, and remember to carry them and hand them out.

Before I mention some reasons why, should you use a digital business card, think of these questions? Can you save another person’s contact information for as long as you want? Can you embed video in a paper business card? Can you integrate calendar software in a paper business card? Can you add multiple information in your paper business card? Unfortunately, as far as I know, the answer is NO.

Also these days, it is the demand of time that you have a fully functional business card. Let’s say you worked hard to meet 100 new people. As per the statistics, only 12 people are going to keep your perfectly printed business card. Now, out of these 12, only 8 people are likely to save your card details. Do you still think, this is a good option, making connections this way?

Let’s have a look at some stats I’ve gathered for you to give some insight into the business card industry. Also, I’ll mention how it is affecting our lives networking abilities:

Too Many Cards

Number of cards daily printed — 27.4 Million

Number of business cards printed in the U.S. annually — 10 Billion

Very Small Benefit

Sales increase of a company for every 2000 paper cards passed out — 2.5%

Cards threw out in less than a week — 88%

People who threw a card away because they don’t need the service at the moment — 63%

People who add business info into a digital list — 9%

Big Amount of Money

Business card printing industry revenue in the US annually — $ 798.6 Million

Average spent nationally on a set of business cards including design and printing — $194

A lot has been Changed

At first, the use of the business card was done in China in the 15th century.

18% of the people still exchange paper business cards when meeting someone.

224.3 Million Americans had already a smartphone by 2017.

35% of the people now store their contacts “somewhere on their phone”.

Advantages of using Digital Business Cards

This is really advantageous to use digital business cards. DUIT digital business cards are an innovative alternative to paper business cards. Some of the worth mentionable advantages of these cards are-

You can visually show the story behind your brand when meeting them for the first time.

You can conveniently store all your contacts, connections, and even social media accounts inside the app.

Digital business card apps like DUIT automatically saves the contact information like name, phone number, email address, and a photo of the people you share your card with.

Digital Business Card apps support video, audio, and branded graphics, directly inside your card, because of this amazing feature, you have a golden opportunity to grab a person’s attention.

You can share your digital cards even with people that do not have the app installed in their smartphone.

Digital Business Cards are cost-effective, it’ll help you to save your money that you would have to spend on the paper business cards.

You can change your demographics smartly, let’s say you need to change your email address, then if you’re using paper cards then you need to reprint your cards. But, with digital business cards, you can personalize it anytime on the go.

Sharing digital business card is easier than ever before, you can send and receive your card miles away in one click.

Last but not least, digital business cards are eco-friendly, save trees, save planet earth.

Disadvantages of Digital Business Cards

While having the number of advantages, digital business cards also have fewer disadvantages, that are listed below:

Digital Business Cards are less memorable since they might be shared from distance, that does not make any impression on a person to remember.

It is mandatory to have a working internet connection in order to share and receive digital business cards. This might put you in trouble when your internet is malfunctioning.

Unlike paper business cards, digital business cards have a lack of designs, you cannot design cards with imagination. This way, you can’t stand out with card designs.

Most of the people enable image blocking in their email to save data, that can end up blocking your card as well.

Final Words to Conclude

What we can conclude from the story? Exchanging information with your contacts and making new connections via Digital Business Cards will not only save both you and your new connection time and energy, but it will also prevent your information from ending up in the trash.

Since they are cost-effective and you do not need to worry about losing your business card. Digital Business Cards have amazing features, but I think the world of business is not yet ready to use digital business cards.


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