Scientist Found A New Evidence of Life in The Moon

Couch Surfing Writers’ Club : Log 006

Tonight was a great night. I met new friends, a lot of new friends. There are two new girl from Bandung, one girl from Germany named Anya, one man from France named Willian, and one girl from Macau.

Dea as a host asked us to write a hoax story about an unnamed person. After we all finished the story, she then randomly assigned us a name from one of us, to be the name of the character on our story. I got William. I didn’t use my brain to worry about how good the story is. I didn’t know what I was writing and turns out this was how it went.

William, one of the scientist from Astrology Centre of Southern Bandung announce his first ground breaking invention in Surabaya Astrology and Metaphysic Convention last month. "There are many ways to look what a life really is," he said to the media, "… and one of them happens to be my way." 
It was one of the usual night for him. While he palm read his friend, after some tarot cards, a beer, and a quint of melancholic hours, it just happen. "I kinda have this revelation of what a life is and it could be anything you want!" he said excitedly. 
For thousands of years human has spent serious amount of money to found a sign of hope for living outside the earth. He thinks, we are all looking for a wrong reason. He confidently said, "If you’re looking from a biological perspective, of course it’s hard. There are zillion of galaxies. But if you think life is where you reside your imagination, where you invest your heart to believe it existence. You will found live everywhere you want! That’s why there is a life in the moon." 
When he then confronted by the scientist in the Convention he later replied, "Look, you may or may not believe what I said. But that’s why Astrology is not a science. Astronomy is!"