Urban Lifehacks


Dear Stavanger,

I am Catalina, founder of worldwide net.art clique #DUMPHAUS, and I write to formally invite you and your pupils to our flash pop-up exhibition at Studio17 Gallery this Monday evening. The theme of this #DUMPHAUS show is Urban Lifehacks and it is brought upon by the prompted assignment of “Urban Hacking” which makes part of my MFA Design and Technology research for Parsons Paris.

The reason why I am writing to you is due to a great idea coming from our great friend Siri Borgé, who kindly suggested I contact you for the purpose of sourcing people interested in interactive collaboration who would like to participate in this project. The component of interaction with Stavanger as a city will happen during this weekend only.

More specifically, I would like to inspire the help of artists who are familiar with art made on the internet, videography, and performance, but we are also very much in love with painting, drawing, sculpture and site-specific installation. We will appreciate all interested parties!!!

#DUMPHAUS will be invading (sort of) Stavanger from Saturday evening until Sunday evening, resulting in an exhibition party on Monday the 15th of September, where we will showcase all the artwork created for our capsule pop-up at Studio17.

We hope to see you soon!!!



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