New Suite of Tools for Resort Grocery Delivery

Joel Shapiro
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3 min readMay 17


Last year, we quietly shared an announcement with Dumpling business owners regarding a new and rapidly growing area of the business that our team had been working on. Today, we are excited to share with a broader audience the output of all that work: a tailored suite of tools exclusively designed for established grocery delivery businesses serving out-of-town guests at resorts and vacation rentals across the country.

A little background

Over the years, the Dumpling platform has been used by a number of business owners to provide grocery delivery for guests staying at mountain resorts, popular theme parks, and beach destinations. There are also a large number of established resort delivery and rental businesses around the country with unique challenges and unmet needs that we are taking on with this new suite of tools.

Unique needs for resort-focused businesses

Resort grocery delivery businesses primarily cater to one-time customers from out of town that want to arrive to their vacation home with a kitchen stocked full of their specified groceries, drinks, and snacks. In many cases, owners of these resort-focused businesses manage teams of seasonal employees, handle an influx of orders during peak seasons, and maintain parterships with local resorts and property managers. As you can imagine, servicing this population and their unique needs requires a specialized set of tools.

What is it?

The new suite of tools is the first of its kind to be built specifically for resort and vacation grocery delivery businesses. It allows owners to run their businesses more efficiently and provides a client experience optimized for their vacationing clients. Key components of the platform include:

  • Custom website optimized for vacation area grocery delivery businesses. This provides a seamless customer experience from order through checkout.
  • Business Management Tool that enables business owners and their operators to manage employees accounts, assign orders to employees, search and filter orders based on a number of inputs, and edit orders as their customers’ plans change
  • The Boss app for shoppers & drivers with customizable employee access managed by the business owner, allowing employees to see only what they need to see for their specific orders.

The new resort tools are highly customized for each business, and therefore have a different pricing structure than the original Dumpling platform. The resort suite of tools is not for everyone and are built specifically for businesses that match the above description. We work closely with individual businesses to assess their specific needs and determine if this is a good fit.

✳️ You can learn more about the resort offering here.

✳️ If you’re interested in learning how the resort tools are different than the Dumpling Pro plan, you can find more here.

What does this mean for the Dumpling Platform?

While the new suite of tools is completely separate from our traditional Dumpling tools, we’re excited about the future potential for knowledge and technology sharing across the two arms of business.

We will continue investing in the core Dumpling platform as we always have and have some exciting new features coming out on that front soon.