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Speedy 🛒 Shopper helps his community!

One of the best parts about working with business owners across the country is the front row seat we have to witness how many of them use their grocery delivery businesses to do amazing things in their communities.

This one in particular had us all a little choked up…

Frank Rodriguez is the owner of Speedy 🛒 Shopper, a local grocery delivery business serving the greater Orange County area.

Frank learned about a member of his community, Anita, who was struggling with her normal grocery delivery routine. Anita uses a wheel chair, and as part of her routine during the COVID-19 pandemic, would request shoppers to leave her order by the front door. She would then drag her groceries in to her house, which was not an easy process for her.

After learning about Anita’s situation from other shoppers in the community, Frank purchased a wagon for Anita, along with some basic essentials needed during the pandemic; paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and disinfectant cleaners and provided them to her free of charge. The wagon helps insure that Anita can easily bring her groceries into her home after shoppers drop-off her groceries in it.

Speedy 🛒 Shopper also partnered with other personal shoppers in the area to gather an $80 cash donation, presented to Anita.

Frank - we’re inspired by the incredible work you are doing in your community!