The Legion Files: Chapter Two

One man’s attempt to figure out this show

So far, I’m digging FX’s Legion (though, to be honest, it’s starting to lean a little too heavily on the artsy cinematography while its plot chases its own tail).

Like David’s LEGION (eh? eh?) of therapists (for they are many), I like to jot down notes and pretend I’m getting somewhere even though I have no idea what’s going on…

  • SUMMERLAND: Pros- Dope bunk beds, scenic, woodsy views that put the Cullens’ house in Twilight to shame // Cons- Is this place a cult? They’re grabbing seance-y poles (are they gonna use ouija therapy next?)
  • The Museum of You would make a great short story title
  • As if The Man with Yellow Eyes could get any scarier
  • This book…is this making a murderer? (tbh I never saw that show) No way David was ever gonna be sane. By the way, is his dad Prof X?
  • Not only can this handsome mutant guy project memories, he knows the Vulcan nerve pinch (very…*ahem*…HANDY)
  • Graffiti questions- Was that Larry Fine and the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg?
  • “Took a real shine to me” = further proof Aubrey Plaza gets all the best dialogue
  • The tech guy from Ocean’s Eleven is a drug dealer now (guess $11 mil goes quick)
  • Is this a drug frog Neti pot? I love it. I’ll take three
  • That laying on the floor while high shot was a very Requiem for a Dream-esque

Welp, Legion, I like you. Please start telling a story, you beautiful mess of prestige television.