Weekly Blog #1

Today we wanna share with you some information about Dungeon.Chat and our background story. We’ll tell you why we are doing what we do and why we are creating our own chat-software for the gaming community.
Privacy should be fundamental on the web, but there is this bad intention of some companies to sell their users’ data for their own good. 
This is where our idea came from. We’re creating a chat-software with a strong focus on privacy with all features you’ll need for a good gaming-experience. Even video-chat will be available after launch. Screensharing is coming soon instead of soon™️ with our software.
Privacy is very crucial to us. You can even setup your very own server on your own hardware, it’s up to you.
As we’re trying to find the best way between usability and security, we’ll use a centralized user database. Your chat messages, chat-traffic and all uploaded files are still stored on your own private server. The network traffic is SSL encrypted and we will add further encryption methods for the traffic in the future.
The community is very important to reach our goal. We want to engage gamers around the world to communicate safe while pushing forward their gaming experience with an awesome messenger.
Also the whole project is done by a community of designers and developers who work hard to deliver something great to the people!
If you love open source software like we do, join our Front-End and/or Back-End team right now and send us a short application to join@dungeon.chat.

Our main components
Dungeon.Chat Client — Our client is a web-based app which is built with vue.js. It can be used either in your local browser or in our native client. It will be available for Windows, OS X and for sure Linux. We will also provide you with mobile apps for Android and iOS in the future.
Dungeon.Chat Server — Our Dungeon.Chat Server is written in Google’s language Go and runs best on Linux. We recommend to use our pre-built Docker containers based on CentOS 7 to deploy your Dungeon.Chat instance.