We are Dunmo.

Our aim is to make your productivity system 2x easier and 5x smarter.

We’re busy people. Our lives are multifaceted, with things to take note of and things to do for each part.

In today’s world, there’s an app for everything. Or, rather, one hundred apps for every one thing. The category of apps labeled “Productivity” is a crowded one. There are more calendar, notes, and to-do apps than I can count.

For my calendar, I stick with Google Calendar. There are plenty of good notes apps as well, of which I highly recommend Workflowy. So, I’m all good on calendars and notes, but tasks are more complicated.

Task apps, such as Wunderlist, are for storing your task list, but that’s only one piece of the time management puzzle. I tried task app after task app and always found myself going back to the app store to look for something better.

Even with all these task apps in the “Productivity” category, I didn’t feel as though any of them truly did anything to help me manage my time and be more productive.

The Team

Jeremy and I shared the same problem and were determined to build a solution.

Together we created Dunmo. We went through a startup competition at Purdue which pushed us to hone our vision and inspired us to keep pushing forward. Richard later joined the team to take over the front-end development and design.

Jeremy Meyer — Co-Founder & CTO

Michael Goldman — Co-Founder & CEO

Richard Shi — CDO

The Philosophy

As Jeremy and I were developing the idea of Dunmo, we read many articles about productivity and time management. We also looked deeper into our own productivity struggles to find what might help us.

Productivity breaks down into keeping track of tasks and managing your time. Keeping track of tasks is what the other “Productivity” apps help you do. We don’t feel anyone else is quite solving the other half of the productivity problem.

We broke down time management into three parts: doing things in priority order, finding time to do them, and setting aside that time block to focus on that task. Now, we’re building a productivity app that helps you do all three of those things.

Dunmo will automatically (and instantaneously) keep your task list sorted in priority order, find time in your schedule, and block off that time for you to work on your tasks. Of course, we make sure you’re always in control and can do whatever you’d like with your time, but Dunmo gives you a recommendation to work with.

Try what Dunmo recommends. See it work wonders for your productivity.

Get Started Using Dunmo

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