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Executive Summary

The exciting year of 2018 is coming to an end. For the first 2 weeks of December, the highlights in DUO Network include: CEO Jerry Li’s presentation at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan; interviews by e27, one of Asia’s largest tech media platforms and media coverage by both Yahoo Finance and Jinse Finance; continuous progress in product and technology development.

Presentation in Waseda University

On 10 December, Jerry was invited to attend the Tokyo 2018 Blockchain Conference — Trends, Startups and Careers event, hosted by Waseda Edge (Talent Development Program of Waseda University).

The purpose of this conference was to share recent trends in blockchain industry from various perspectives such as regulation, investment, crypto exchanges, the adoption and development of both local and overseas blockchain projects. Besides DUO, SBI, Layer X, and local exchanges and blockchain project representatives have also attended the conference. During panel discussions, Jerry shared his insights on Japan market expansion strategy for overseas project.

DUO in Media

Early this month, Jerry was interviewed by e27, the leading tech media in Singapore. He shared why DUO aspires to develop crypto derivative platform and how it can solve multiple issues faced by current market condition and help the market to evolve to the next stage. The interview was named as “DUO’s unique derivatives that could save the cryptocurrency ecosystem” and can also be found on Yahoo news.

In addition, two more chinese media articles were published on Jinse Finance. The first article covers Jerry’s observation on market trends in 2018 and his forecast on capital and talent movements in the near future, while the second article revealed his inspiration from current financial market limitations and how it leads to company’s vision of achieving “Financial Democratization.” Translation for these 2 articles are in progress and they will soon be shared on our medium platform.

Product Progress

Product team has continued to optimize user interface of DEX and began to work with operation team to develop trading rules. In addition, Mozart contract white paper has been concluded and will be released soon. In the meantime, more in-depth product discussions with Kyber team are conducted in order to progress on our partnership.

Technology Development

Mozart contract was completed and deployed recently, DEX test version is now able to support Mozart-based transaction. Moreover, The tech team has further optimized DEX’s order matching engine by improving its robustness and orderbook update speed. Two-in-one interface of DEX has also been completed and tested. So far, most test cases are passed successfully and DEX is running well on Kovan testnet and ready for beta testing soon.

Time flies and we are reaching the end of 2018. Here at DUO Network, we sincerely appreciate your continuous support since our inception.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you again in 2019 for project updates.

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