October | Optimized System Architecture, Tokenomics, Devcon4


In October, our team has updated progress in product roadmap, technical development, as well as marketing productions. We are also actively engaging investors and projects globally.

Team Progress


Our development team has redesigned the system architecture of DEX so that both system accuracy/robustness and user experience are optimized. Under the new architecture, a combination of Dynamo & Redis are used to replace the existing Firestore as our database. In addition, the functions of place/withdraw orders are successfully developed and fully tested. The next step is to update the order book function and complete the order matching function.


DUO’s product team conducted in-depth research on perpetual contracts, as well as constructed financial models for both cross and isolated margin calculations. Moreover, DUO token economy has been updated in our latest whitepaper and investment deck. Read the new whitepaper here.


After our strategic upgrade conference in September, our new whitepaper was released on our website. We published a series of essays to introduce our new product and system architecture to the blockchain community. In which, we discussed the whitepaper in details and disclosed the underlying design concepts.

We are proud to introduce DUO video stories featuring our founders and team members, to help our community get acquainted with us and our products.


Web3 Summit

On 22 October, Web3 Summit kicked off in Berlin as a 3-day conference. DUO’s CEO Jerry traveled to Germany to attend the summit for the latest breakthroughs. We are closely monitoring relevant blockchain expansion technologies to seize opportunities for product improvement. When related technologies such as Plasma, PoS, or Polkadot are ready to use, we will adopt them to increase transaction speed and support cross-chain transactions for our DEX platform.

One of the summit highlights was the launch of a new blockchain framework, Substrate, by Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum and Parity. It is supported by Polkadot and is used to build blockchains. It is a form of connecting multiple different types of blockchains, and the Substrate 1.0 beta will be available in November this year.

DevCon 4

DevCon 4 was held in Prague from 30 Oct to 2 Nov. DevCon is hosted by the Ethereum Foundation and is the annual Ethereum family reunion. Jerry attended the conference and connected with investors and projects from all over the world. Meaningful discussions took place to foster future collaborations.


DUO Network has also established business collaborations with Perlin (one of Singapore’s hottest projects) and Laya One (Chinese gaming blockchain project). By signing MOU, both DUO and Perlin aim to work together to explore the development of distributed computing, technology, market, and publicity.

In addition, Laya One CEO Wang Kuo is looking forward to collaborating with DUO. He is optimistic about the DUO product upgrading and plans to use DUO’s stablecoin product as one of their platform tokens after DUO project goes live.

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