January Issue | Blockchain Association, Product Progress

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On December 28, 2018, the “Blockchain Association”, jointly organized by Node Capital, LinkVC, BlockChoice and Nvxia Blockchain, was held in Beijing. The event has attracted multiple venture funds, media firms and project teams to attend. The agenda of this event was to review the blockchain development in 2018, and anticipate the future. DUO Network was invited to participate in the quick-answer session of the event. As our representative, Jerry Li, CEO of DUO Network, answered several questions from the host and audience, including some tough ones, such as “Do you still have sufficient funds to support the project?” and “How long can you survive in such a market?” Such questions have enticed great interest from the audience.


In the last two weeks of 2018, the technical team improved the stability and robustness of order delivery, and continued to optimize the user interface of the exchange. In addition, the team added CSV format for the transaction history exportation, as well as the function to delete multiple orders at once.

In 2019, the technical team focused on testing the system and functions of DUO DEX, not only restructuring and optimizing the back-end coding, but also improving the coverage of unit test to reduce the possibility of system vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, as trading volume of BitStamp increased, the team incorporated BitStamp into the price fix to increase the versatility and accuracy of the pricing, as well as to reflect market prices more realistically.


Firstly, the product team completed the first draft of the white paper for Beethoven and Mozart, and continued to improve on its core content. Secondly, to provide the best user experience, it collaborated with the technical team to verify the logic of order matching and optimize the 2-in-1 interface.

In addition, the product and operation teams collaborated to conceptualize the user manual of DUO DEX, and complete the FAQ and exchange rules. Meanwhile, it also improved on the competitive analysis of existing products in the market, so as to evaluate and enhance the competitiveness of our products.


Regarding the current issues in the cryptocurrency world, such as the closure of Basis project, “personnel optimization” of Bitmain and Huobi, and other major news, we interviewed our CEO, Jerry Li. Apart from sharing his unique insights, Li also analyzed the prospects of the related industries (such as mining companies and cryptocurrency exchanges) and the crypto market, providing readers with more reference. Such content is published on Jinse Finance and Medium. Our wechat official account will also be updating subsequently.

In addition, the team is preparing for the release of DUO DEX. Thank you all for following and supporting DUO all this time. We will launch the public testing of our Kovan Testnet in February. More details will be announced in February as well. Please stay tuned!

To find out more about DUO Network, visit our official website www.duo.network.
For any media inquiries, please email us at duo_pr@finbook.co.

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