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July is another rewarding month for DUO Network.

DUO team has completed its Europe debut roadshow — both in Istanbul and Moscow and met with local opinion leaders and community supporters. After success of initial staking campaign, term staking was introduced to provide higher rewards for long term DUO believers. In addition, to encourage more members to join staking campaign, referral scheme was introduced in mid July.

Europe Roadshow

Partner with Bibox, DUO has completed its debut roadshow in Europe — both in Istanbul and Moscow. We have met local KOLs and community, shared about DUO’s roadmap and current progress. Airdrop incentives were also arranged during both meetups.

Term Staking

Term staking was introduced on 1 July to encourage long term DUO believers. 1st 600,000 DUO joining the term staking can receive up to 250% annualized return and remain 600,000 DUO can receive up to 150% annualized return. Within 1 week of launch, term staking has attracted over 500,000 DUO to stake in.

Staking Referral

On 18 Jul, we have introduced staking referral scheme to encourage more members to join staking campaign — both flex and term. Referral award is calculated as 20% of referee’s daily staking award(including both daily flex and term staking awards). No up limit for number of referrals per account. This is to accomodate with such high anticipated requests from the community and eventually received positive feedback.

Staking Milestone:

Since staking campaign kicked off in mid June, so far we have achieved:

Participants: 200+ unique addresses

DUO Staked: 1,200,000+ DUO

Award Given: 240,000 DUO

ROI So Far: 10% monthly on average

Forecasted Annualized ROI: Flex — 90%; Term — 200%

We look forward for another exciting month in August.

DUO Team

7 Aug 2019


DUO Network’s News


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DUO Network’s News

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