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3 min readNov 21, 2018


Executive Summary

For the first half of November, we have made good progress across all functions. Some highlights of our progress: the development of our decentralized exchange (DEX); the designing of derivative products; and the engagement with the community and partners (such as introducing our founders, advisors, and investors across all channels).

Technical Development

In the past two weeks, our technical team has completed the Order Update flow design and tested Order Watcher’s functionality on Kovan Testnet. The Order Add/Cancel flow on Kovan is also fully tested. In addition, the team has added maturity handling into the Beethoven smart contract and redeployed it on Testnet. Furthermore, the team has overhauled contract wrapper for the new contract structure and upgraded all services.


Through analyzing lending rate and funding rate structures over current exchanges and platforms, our financial engineers have optimized the Beethoven income token coupon rate model for further price discovery process. Apart from that, the team has established the preliminary rules of Order Matching for DEX.


The marketing team has channeled its efforts on video production, community management, and website upgrading for the past two weeks. To engage our community more frequently, we have updated our newsletter to a bi-weekly schedule. DUO community members can find a series of explanatory videos online featuring our team members, covering topics such as digital marketplace and DEX. Upon receiving positive feedback from the community, we are producing more videos in days to come.

Additionally, Meet Our Founder/Advisor/Investors is a new series of publications we introduced to help our community get to know our team better.

Business Development

On 14 November, our Marketing Director, Lino, co-hosted the Macau Meetup of Casino & Blockchain, together with Secrypto Labs, APRA, BlockArk, and EtherZero. With more than 200 attendees, this meetup provided an excellent networking opportunity for various parties and individuals to foster future collaborations. At this event, DUO Network has reached business collaboration consensuses with leading projects and exchanges in the industry.

Macau Meetup

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