November Issue 2 | TV Interview, Kyber Partnership, DEX Testing and DUO’s New Website

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3 min readDec 4, 2018


Executive Summary

For the last 2 weeks of November, DUO’s team has made considerable progress: CEO interview with Channel 8; the debut of our latest website, completion of backend system of our decentralized exchange — DEX, and finalizing of DEX trading rules.

TV Interview

On 27 November, CEO Jerry Li was interviewed by Singapore’s renowned TV channel, Channel 8 and featured in the evening news as a local thought leader in blockchain industry. Given the recent market fluctuations, Jerry shared his thoughts on cryptocurrency price trends, “Bitcoin lacks a proper valuation model, which will lead to volatile price movements whenever a market signal appears. Thus, it is crucial to consider such risks regarding bitcoin investment.”


Our founders Jerry Li and Yizhou Cao met with Kyber Network core team. We are exploring partnership opportunities together. More details will be shared in the upcoming weeks.

Product Development

In the recent two weeks, our product development team has focused on finalizing the exchange rules of DUO’s DEX, including order matching and clearing rules. In addition, the team concluded UI and UX design principles for DEX. To provide our users with the best possible experience, we laid out multiple use cases and evaluated them accordingly before the decision was made. Given various perpetual contract products in the current market, the team also conducted in-depth comparative analysis to set good reference for proprietary derivative product development.

Technical Progress

As part of our mission to provide the best user experience, our technical team optimized the response rate of an official website landing page and achieved performance improvement by 50 percent. With the successful completion of order matching and settlement functions, backend system of DEX has completed and passed preliminary rounds of testing. Furthermore, the team has enhanced the security level of order withdrawal function utilizing asymmetric encryption mechanism to prevent accidental order deletions during the order withdrawal process. As the next step, our tech team plans to work on system integration and optimization.


The new DUO Network website was officially launched on 30 November. We revamped the website and layout to align with DUO Network’s upgraded product portfolio and development roadmap. In hope of engaging our community more, we provided a more detailed explanation of what we do and added the “Media” and “FAQ” sections to our website. Click here to visit our latest website.

Our Medium homepage has received a major overhaul, completed with a stylish and modern look. Going forward, we will continue to communicate regularly through our Medium blog and provide new articles and notifications.

We cannot wait to share with you our latest products and DEX.

Stay tuned as beta testing is coming soon!

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