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Referral Campaign Rules:

  1. Start Date: 8am 18 Jul 2019 Singapore Time (UTC+8)
  2. Website:
  3. Referral award is calculated as 20% of referee’s daily staking award (including both daily flex and term staking awards). No up limit for number of referrals per account.
  4. Only one unique referral code is allowed for each new staking account, existing staking account cannot bind with referral code but eligible to refer new accounts.
  5. Referral Award will be calculated and distributed together with daily staking awards.

Referral Process

Referrer: to get referral code / referral link

Go to and click “Referral Link” button. Based on referee’s preference to choose:

  • Referral code: click “copy” button to copy referral code, send to referee
  • Desktop user: click “copy” button to copy referral link, send to referee
  • Mobile user (Imtoken & Trust wallet): need to manually select and copy the link, send to referee

Referee: to bind referrer

Referral code binding:

Referral link binding:

  • In desktop browser / Imtoken & Trust wallet browser, copy and paste referral link to open the webpage
  • Click “Bind Referrer” button and click “Bind” button to confirm

DUO Network team reserves the right for final explantion of this campaign.

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DUO Network’s News

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