The sacrifice starts after 5pm.

Most people will work from 9am — 5pm. But in startup world, that’s only half the work. The real sacrifice starts everyday at 5pm when you’re already starting to feel tired, when the sun starts to set. But it’s everything you do from 5pm until 12am or later that counts if you want to get your startup off the ground. It’s just like running a marathon everyday. If you keep training to pace yourself throughout the night, you’ll quickly become very productive and be able to do more and more in fewer hours. Time also has a way of slowing down at night, and some of the best ideas come to life when the rest of the world has slowed down. — Dust’s mission is to build a future where the world can launch 10,000 startups every day. We’ll achieve this by designing powerful software and services that let people launch, grow and fund their startups faster and cheaper than ever.

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