The software engineer who says your idea already exists.

Probably 12 search engines came before Google. EVERYTHING is ripe for disruption and the argument that your idea already exists is one of the most absurd misconceptions in the whole startup industry. This argument only holds true in a perfectly monopolistic market where there is only one of everything.

Alas, the world has given us:

Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Uber and Lyft.

iOS and Android.

YouTube and Vimeo.

...and outside of technology:

Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Popeyes and KFC.

Levi’s and Lee.

Coca Cola and Pepsi.

Your perspective is unique to you. Don’t fall for faulty arguments by those who don’t have enough sense to know that the world has plenty of space for more than one of something. — Dust’s mission is to build a future where the world can launch 10,000 startups every day. We’ll achieve this by designing powerful software and services that let people launch, grow and fund their startups faster and cheaper than ever.