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AI in India

A comprehensive analysis of Indian advancement in Artificial Intelligence

Source: Analytics India Mag

1. HighTech and Telecom and Financial sectors of India are among the sectors with the highest AI adoption rate.

Source: NITI Aayog AI Article

2. Indian start-up ecosystem has shown noticeable improvement every year with a maximum of its start-ups being AI-based.

Sources: Artificial Intelligence Index 2018 annual report, Start-up India statistics

3. India’s GDP has subsequently increased every year. 2010 onwards as Indian start-ups increased, their effect was well reflected on the country’s GDP

Source: World Bank database

4. Increment in investment in AI/ML has resulted in growth of AI/ML-based start-ups in India

Sources: FDI Reports, Communication Today article and media resources.

5. Government of India has invested successfully to develop AI/ML-based infrastructure of the country.

Sources: FDI Reports, Stanford AI index 2019 report economic times articles and media reports

6. Indian budget has taken steps to develop technology-based companies which will be critical in India’s economic growth and will solve the country’s social challenges

7. Research works in AI are weaker at the Undergrad level as compared with the world’s major universities. Indian universities lack Industry-Academia collaboration.

Source: Press Search , NITI Aayog ,IIT Bombay , MIT , Carnegie Mellon University

8. Government-Run Indian Universities are launching Bachelor’s and Master’s Program to increase the country’s base of AI executants

9. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to add ~1 trillion to India’s economy with boosting its annual growth rate by 1.3% points by 2035

Source: Accenture, Nitiayog Discussion paper on AI 2018

10. Investments in AI-based start-ups have grown meteorically in the last decade, giving GOI strong inspiration to invest

Sources: Aranca Research, Census India, Economic Times

11. The government of India is extending its support to nurture AI culture in the Country by adopting various schemes and policies

12. The government has increased the budget allocation to AI and automation tech which will help develop the AI scenario in India

13. Comparative analysis of other countries government’s current investment in AI

Sources: Market Watch, New York Times, Times of India, Analytics Insight

14. Public Sector In India is Experiencing Rapid Growth under the Umbrella of Artificial Intelligence

International funding reached a new record of USD 9.52 billion, and 813 different EdTech companies received funding last year.

15. How Indian AI-based startups/companies are contributing to the GDP, and there’s a lot more potential

Source: Institute of Economics and Peace

16. Comparative analysis of investment in AI/ML technologies and development of AI in other countries

Sources: International Finance Corporation, World Bank



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