Jobs that needs you to travel.

Tired of your 9–5 job and sitting in your chair the whole day? What if there was a job that paid you to travel. Well, we have something that is sure to get you excited. The thought of travelling to exotic destinations and meeting new people is just amazing, mix it up with a job that allows you to do it all and there you have a perfect life.

So here goes our list of professions that allow you to travel all around the world.

Civil Servant

Love to travel? Well, the perfect job for you is the job of a civil servant, with hundreds of job opportunities and a knack for travelling, this is your dream job. The state department has more than 250 embassies around the world that is sure to satisfy your travel bugs.

English teacher

Knowing English and knowing it well is perhaps one of the most crucial soft-skills you can have. In simple words speaking the world’s most popular tongue does have its advantages including a job anywhere in the world where they speak English.

Merchant navy

When you combine the two things, travel and sea, something spectacular is born and that is what the job is all about. Travel to exotic locations and actually witness the whole world around you on a grand ship.

Anthropologists and Archaeologists

The study of cultures and the development of great colonies and societies are what the job entrails. Not to mention, the relics that you find are worth a fortune and what better to do than to dig for gold all around the world.

Flight Attendant

Discounted flight tickets, crazy working hours and impeccable lifestyle are just synonyms of the job. If you love to travel then you will love your job, it’s that simple. Flight attendants get to travel the world in grand style and hence this becomes a dream job if you love a fast going life.

Write About Travel

Have a knack for travelling and writing, we have the perfect job solution for you and the answer is a travel blogger. In this digital era there is nothing better than writing your own blog and sharing your experiences and yes, travelling the whole wide world.

Peace Corps

Join the Peace Corps and work for the greater good, not only will you be making a difference in the world but would also get the opportunity to travel the world. The pay is not much but there is however a very sweet bonus when your service ends.

Tour Guide

A tour guide is the job fitting for anyone who loves to learn about new places and share his/her experiences. Take the job up and visit exotic locations and get paid for doing so, it does not get any better than this.

Destination Experts

This is an upcoming and innovative job which allows you to work from home from the area you belong. The job’s location depends on how well you know a city, country or even continent. A free spirited job that allows you to travel all across the world is what it is all about.

Travel Nurse

A noble job indeed the profile lets you travel the world and most importantly help people in dire need. Travelling in this job is a part of the whole experience and you will get an opportunity to visit the world. So a life spent partly travelling and the other helping people is a life well lived in our opinion.

Management Analysts

Sounds fancy? Well, it is in fact a very fancy job with fancy perks and yes, a very high paying scale. The job includes analyzing data for big companies and minimizing any waste. This high paying job is one of the best paying and travelling jobs you can get.

So here is my list of the best travelling jobs in the world which you can opt for pretty easily. Plan your trip with the world’s largest Trip Planner Triphobo. Go places!