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Here’s how our Ranks & Skill Matching work!

I have been playing video games for over 20 years. My skills in each game vary wildly, but one thing has always stayed constant — I am decent-ish at ranked play. With the our Global Ranks system, you’ll know exactly how skilled (or in my case, painfully average) a player is in the games connected to our platform.

DUUL Player Ranks

When you register for an account, we’ll determine your individual rank in all titles connected to DUUL. As your skill changes in each game, so will your overall account rank. The current ranks you can attain on DUUL:

Noob, Junior, Fighter, Mercenary, Warrior, Hero, Boss, Champion, Legend, Overlord

We will be tweaking this system over time based on player feedback and new games we have in the pipeline.

League of Legends Ranks

Although your MMR for League of Legends is hidden, we are still able to check your ranking through the Riot API. After creating an account on DUUL, we’ll check your LoL MMR and assign your account a certain tier. You are always able to play up but not down, ensuring our competitive ecosystem is as balanced as possible.

Level 1 - 9: Noob

Level 10 - 19: Junior

Level 20 - 29: Fighter

Level 30 (Unranked): Mercenary

Level 31 - 35 (Bronze): Warrior

Level 36 - 40 (Silver): Hero

Level 41- 45 (Gold): Boss

Level 46 - 50 (Platinum): Champion

Level 51 - 55 (Diamond): Legend

Level 56 (Challenger): Overlord

Why do we have a ranking system?

Player ranks allow DUUL (and most developers, for that matter) to readily determine a player’s skill level in any given game. We can match players based on their rank in addition to measuring their individual performance across matches. Not only does this help detect smurfing and boosting, it also keeps our community free from cheating and improves the quality of our policing engine.

How does matchmaking work on DUUL?

DUUL matches players based on their skill in the game they are playing (which we pull through an API call and assign to your account). As your skill changes, so will your competition — don’t expect to pubstomp your way around our platform. We do want to create the best competition possible, so you’ll always be able to play against similarly-skilled players.

What about Open matches?

Open competitions are just that — open! In Open Quick Matches or Featured Tournaments, any skill level may compete against one another. We allow for Open matches to give players the opportunity to play outside of their own skill tier — a feature we’ve had requested hundreds of times!

Our system caters to new and experienced players alike. If you and your Unranked friends want to compete against each other on DUUL, use our site as your personal testing ground! Want to throw down in a Featured Tournament specifically for Bronze players? We can make that happen as well.

Keep our community positive and welcoming and we’ll be able to do even more for everyone. Happy playing!


Zachary Snader | Growth & Partnerships @ DUUL

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