Why influencers join dvel & how they can benefit from instant feedback while planning future projects

Dvel users have a strong opinion which matters to a lot of people out there. The first step towards making the best decisions for your blog, company or your daily working habits is to get answers directly from your target group. Here’s why dvel gives you the right opportunities for top results:

Be a Trendsetter in Decision Making

Getting useful information by posting two pictures, are you sure? Yes. Dvel is the fastest way to get decisions when you are faced with two options and don’t know what to do. We know it’s hard to make a choice sometimes and that’s exactly why there are no limits to your creativity, you can ask simply anything you want. Dvel is very modern, easy and fun to use. If you have a sense of new trends you will love it. Perfect for Blogger, Brands, Fashion-Designer, Media-Designer, Photographer, Food-Stylists, Globetrotter, Artists…

Get instant Feedback

We all need people who give us feedback. That’s how we improve. -Bill Gates

Do you know the feeling of not knowing what to do next, because you’re waiting for responses too long? Get the best out of your day and ask your questions in dvel. See people voting for your pictures instantly, we guarantee the first 10 votes in less than 30 seconds and up to +3000 votes in just one day.

Interact with thousands of users

Why not let your followers be part of your future projects. Every question you ask in dvel brings you closer to the perfect outcome. Show the options and let them support you by sharing their opinion of your design, outfit, food, songs, sports, events, travel destinations... There is a personal Profile behind every vote, so if you’re interested where one opinion comes from just check it out. Grow a huge follower base, get in touch with brands and become an important influencer for dvel.

Build your personal Style Community

You can fully present yourself and what you’re doing on your profile. Make your daily decision-making process a million times easier by getting feedback. Invite your followers directly from the App and let them be an important part of your project. Inspire People with a positive attitude and your great profile. We want to make sure that you get the votes that matter to you. Your followers get your questions before other users do. There’s also the opportunity to decide on every single dvel if it’s going to be private or open for all users to vote for.

Give it a try and let’s see what happens! If you have any questions about this, let me know, I’m happy to help.

See you in dvel,

Barbara Macinkovic

@ barbaramac