A Vending Machine For Ideas

The vending machine

Millions of good and worthy ideas are 
thrown away every day

People are afraid and uncomfortable sharing their ideas. They are worried about what people may think or feel about their ideas. This restrains creativity and progress. People stop making suggestions if it doesn’t conform to the norm.

We are all uniquely different, with different strengths and perspectives. These ideas can come from unexpected people and unexpected places, but what is unexpected is silenced.

What I want to propose

Now imagine an environment that celebrates people. A culture that encourages initiative and freedom to create. Building a global platform that enables collaboration of ideas between people.

I hope to open up the limitless sources of humanity to everyone

How does it work

“Simplicity is the glory of expression” | Walt Whitman

A format that helps to get the idea across.



Reimagine the way people can access an idea without having to own it.


Re-evaluate the way ideas can be shared more efficiently.


Refine ideas to their simplest and leanest forms.


Make people realize they are a valued part of community and play a significant role in a larger cultural movement. Redesign the sharing experience, enabling people to develop each other.

A vision for this world

When, where and why problems are created

The data collected from the Vending Machines For Ideas will change people’s understanding of when, where and why problems are created. By spreading the machines in different geographical areas, and placing them in various cultural surroundings, we could begin to explain where do problems derive from. As time progresses we will be able to take a look back and realize when people defined parts of reality as problems. Examining this data contributes to the realization of why problems arise, and could help to improve and learn from our past mistakes.

Lead one to participate, to want to participate, 
to have a disposition to participate

Anyone can become a leader and play a role in changing things for the better. Those who have been silenced and ignored can now influence.