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Dvision LAND Sale 3rd Round: How Does it Work?

Dear community members,

We have almost arrived at the point, where the 3rd LAND Sale shall commence on 19th April at 8:00 PM KST. Although we have previously provided certain details regarding the LAND Sale on Shopify and Dvision Marketplace, we will disclose more details and guidelines on how to participate in the upcoming virtual plot sale on both venues. Make sure to go through the details in order to be ready on 19th, as the LAND NFTs will be offered an FCFS basis (first-come-first-served).

Dvision LAND NFT Explained

Dvision Network has previously announced, that it has decided to integrate the most precious NFTs into its Play 2 Earn concept in order to reward the users for their contributions within the Metaverse. Hence, LANDs in each Meta-City will be separated in the 40/40/20 manner. If you haven’t heard about our Play 2 Earn concept yet, check it out here: https://dvision.gitbook.io/dvision-network-english/play-2-earn-explained

LAND: Play to Earn (40%)

Each Meta-City is segregated into three big territories (User-Owned / Management-Owned / Infected Area). The infected area is allocated 40% of the total available LANDs in order to empower the Play 2 Earn concept in Dvision Metaverse. The infected areas are filled with the monsters (virus-infected biobots), that can be tackled by the users by engaging in the battle mode with their avatars and pets in order kill those monsters and gain EXP, that further is used to calculate the attributable amount of LANDs that were cleaned from the monsters. The purified LAND gets automatically placed in the auction in the Dvision and the user receives the DVI amount that equals his contribution to the process. For example, if the user kills around 10 monsters and it equals to 1% of the overall contribution, with the LAND being sold for 1000 DVIs, the user will receive 10 DVIs from this auction as a reward. Hence, 40% of the LAND Lots can be claimed in the reward form directly by the users by participating in the Play 2 Earn mode.

LAND Sale (40%)

The Land Sale will be conducted in order to allocate 40% of the available space within Meta-City in order to offer the users a ready-to-create platform. This portion of the virtual estate can be used in order to create a limitless amount of diverse pieces of content. Do you have an idea to build a Squid Game inside of the Dvision Metaverse? That’s great since you can participate in the Land Sale and secure your spot to generate revenue by offering your exclusive content to the large user base of the Dvision Network.

Management-owned : 20%

The remaining 20% of the overall terrain from each Meta-City will be allocated to the Dvision Team, which will be utilized for the allocation of the LAND to the strategic partners for their brand-specific content estate, to introduce diverse initial pieces of content and reserve some space for the future use cases. These are the LANDs that are provided in the grant form for our strategic partners, such as Bitski, YellowHeart, Polygon Studios and etc.

If you’d like to learn more about the previous LAND Sale details, check it out here:

1st LAND Sale (Guideline):https://medium.com/dvisionnetwork/the-land-sale-on-binance-nft-nftb-and-dvision-how-does-it-work-9bdcbad9e088

2nd LAND Sale (Guideline): https://medium.com/dvisionnetwork/dvision-2nd-land-sale-on-opensea-and-dvision-marketpalce-how-does-it-work-65251cdafa5b

Dvision 3rd LAND Sale Details

The 3rd LAND Sale is being conducted for the distribution of the LAND NFTs belonging to the Berlin and Sao Paulo Meta-Cities being the 5th and 6th Meta-City in our metaverse. Unlike the 1st and 2nd LAND Sales, where only BSC or Polygon Mainnets were utilized, the 3rd LAND Sale will leverage both Polygon and BNB Chains. The LAND NFTs belonging to the Berlin Meta-City are pre-minted on BNB Chain and offered solely on Dvision Marketplace, whereas the LAND NFTs belonging to the Sao Paulo are pre-minted on Polygon Mainnet and offered on Shopify Marketplace. In the future, all the LAND NFTs will be interconnected through the native bridges to allow the free movement of the digital properties across different chains.

Berlin Map in Dvision
Sao Paolo Map in Dvision

We will offer around 3818 LAND Lots of different sizes and locations through the 3rd LAND Sale on Shopify and Dvision Marketplace, evenly distributing between two platforms for fairness purposes. The Berlin LANDs will be sold in DVI (BEP-20) tokens on Dvision Marketplace and will be fully on BNB Chain. The Sao Paolo will be available on Shopify Marketplace: https://dvisionnetwork.myshopify.com and the users will be able to use PayPal or the Coinbase Commerce in order to purchase the LAND NFTs that are pre-minted on Polygon Mainnet.

To summarize:

👉LAND Sale Date: 2022.04.19 at 11:00 AM UTC (8:00 PM KST)

👉Payment Unit:

— Dvision Marketplace — DVI Token (BEP-20)
— Shopify — PayPal or Coinbase Commerce (Credit Card)

👉Price: $144 per parcel (See the table above for more information)

* Each consequent round will see 20% of the increase in the base value of the LAND NFTs, disregarding the market prices.

👉Available Lots: 3,818LAND Lots (2,035 in Dvision Marketplace / 1,783 in Shopify)

How to purchase the LAND NFT in the 3rd round?

Buying Dvision LAND NFT on Dvision Marketplace

Dvision Marketplace will feature around 2,035 independent LAND lots. Here users can choose and purchase a specific LAND from the Marketplace on the Dvision Network Website. Users will be eligible to purchase from common 1x1 LAND NFT up to 3x3 Premium LAND NFT (check the availability of each virtual plot in the table above). Follow this guideline in order to be prepared for the Berlin LAND NFT Sale:

  1. Access Dvision Website: Dvision.app

Once you access Dvision.app, make sure to register your account and connect your metamask wallet (Make sure to store there some BNB and DVI tokens on the BEP-20 version). Read more details regarding the account registration here: https://medium.com/dvisionnetwork/dvision-world-is-now-officially-live-56bd7f1ac4db

  • Purchase BNB (BNB Chain): Users can register an account on Binance.com, purchase the BNB directly there and withdraw it via crypto network (BNB Chain) to their metamask wallet.
  • Purchase DVI (BEP-20): Users can purchase the DVI tokens (BEP-20) on the following exchanges: PancakeSwap / Gate.io / MEXC and withdraw in the same manner to their metamask wallet.

2. Access the Marketplace & LAND

Once you complete the storage process of BNB and DVI tokens into your metamask wallet and complete the registration process, access the Dvision Marketplace and click on the “LAND” icon. Here you can select the LAND Lot, that you are willing to purchase on the map.

Click on the “Buy” button and complete the transaction in your metamask wallet. Make sure you’ve your metamask wallet set for this!

Approve the token expenditure and complete the transaction.

※ Land sale participants must have BNB tokens in their metamask wallet to pay the transaction fee (Gas Fee) and DVI tokens to cover the primary price of the LAND NFT.

※ Participants must have a BNB chain-based BNB token in their metamask wallet to trade at Dvision Marketplace.

※ Berlin LAND is an NFT registered in BEP-721 of the BNB Chain.

How to purchase Sao Paolo LAND NFT on Shopify?

It should be noted, that Shopify itself is performing the role of a sole traditional marketplace, it’s not officially involved in this LAND Sale initiative. Dvision has acquired the Shopify Plus merchant’s status in order to enable this sale via the Shopify NFT Beta Program. Follow the steps below to participate in the Sao Paolo LAND Sale on Shopify:

1. Access the link: https://dvisionnetwork.myshopify.com/ and click on the Sao Paolo icon


2. Select the LAND NFT that you’d like to purchase

3. Click on the “Buy it Now” button to proceed with the payment process.

4. Click on the “PayPal” icon in order to proceed with the payment process. Please note, that you need to have a PayPal account in order to be eligible to purchase this LAND NFT.


5. Insert the remaining personal information (P.S check your email address twice as the “claim” function will be pegged to the inserted email address)

6. Users can select the “Coinbase Commerce” function as an alternative payment method on Shopify (Please note, that you need to register Coinbase Wallet account for this) Check the images below and follow the instructions:

Select “Coinbase Commerce”

Select the payment unit among the existing cryptocurrencies options

Send the payment amount to the address (scan the QR) and complete the payment via the transaction signature via your Coinbase Wallet.

“If you have any questions or difficulties in the process please contact us on our community channels or contact via cs@dvision.network”

We value each reader and follower! If you want to stay updated
with the activities of Dvision Network, make sure to follow the channels below!

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