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Dvision Network: 2022 Development Roadmap Update ✅

The summarized development plan for Dvision in 2022

Dear community members,

It’s officially Christmas Eve and we’re almost at the ending point of 2021. It’s been a truly blessed and challenging year, as we have grown significantly as an industry player and a standalone company. We managed to conduct several huge events, such as Binance Smart Chain 1st Anniversary after we came over to the BSC network. We have conducted multiple listings on large exchanges for DVI and got it supported on several leading custody platforms, such as Coinbase Custody. Most importantly, we have officially launched the Dvision World and conducted the most successful LAND Sale in our history together with Binance NFT and NFTb. We are cordially saying our farewell to 2021 and bring our sincere gratitude to this year for all of its bearings, and we’re thrilled to introduce to our community’s attention our updated roadmap for 2022! Let’s see together, what grandiose plans we have prepared for 2022! In the meanwhile, Dvision Team wishes the Merriest Christmas!

Dvision Network Roadmap Update

As we move forward, new trends and concepts keep appearing in the world of blockchain, which is a tremendous growth indicator, that Dvision embraces. In 2021, the concepts such as “GamiFi”, “Play To Earn”, “Metaverse”, “NFTs” have taken completely a different form of perception in the blockchain society and went beyond it. Dvision Network, as one of the leading blockchain-based metaverse companies, has been developing and growing along with the other industry leaders. We have integrated the plans to develop the DAO mechanism, Play To Earn system through our LAND Purification System, and other GamiFi concepts in our metaverse, which you can now check below:

2022 Q1 — Dvision World System Stabilization and Architectural Design.

- Dvision World: Web Version Upgrade (Dapp Contract Development)
- LAND Sale 2nd & 3rd Rounds
- DAO & Governance Web Version Completion (Early UI release)
- Dvision World Enhancement (Map system / Modelling / Leveling etc.)
- New Avatar System Development (Avatar Attributes Modification)
- Avatar & PET NFT Equipment Interoperability System Development
- Ride NFT System Development (Attribute & Design Modification)
- Dvision Metaverse UI Enhancement (New Features & Enhanced UI / UX)

2022 Q2 — The Play To Earn & Meta-City System Development

- PET Equipment Release & Commercialization
- LAND Sale 4th Round
- External Building (Meta-Space Exterior NFT) Commercialization
- PET NFT Pre-Sale Launch & Early Access Purchase to P2E
- Seamless Field Release in Dvision World
- PET / Avatar Combination & Upgrade System Development
- Play To Earn: Land Purification System Development (Battle Mode in Meta-City)

2022 Q3 — The 1st and 2nd Meta-City Open & Play To Earn Release

- Battle system development & Land Opening (P2E)
- LAND Sale 5th & 6th Rounds
- Additional Sale of PETs /Interior NFT Objects / Avatar & PET Equipments
- Seamless Field 2nd Release in Dvision World
- Dvision Meta-City 1st Opening (Seoul, New York)
- The Play To Earn: LAND Purification Release
- Dvision Department Store 1st Release
- Service Tools Introduction (CS tool / Indicator tool / Operating tool)
- Meta City Advertising System Development (Beta)
- LAND Renting Feature Development

2022 Q4 — The 2nd and 3rd Meta-City Open / PET PVP Mode Development

- PETs Battle (PVP) Function Launch
- LAND Sale 7th Round
- PETs / ITEM NFTs Commercialization (New Models)
- Dvision Meta-City 2nd Round Opening ( Tokyo, London)
- Dvision World’s events ( DVI-concert, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.)
- Launch of DVI Landmarks (Beta Version)
- Release of PET Survival Mode Area (Beta)

Hope you stay with us, as we keep developing the best and ultimate blockchain-based metaverse for users! Thank you!




Dvision Network aspires to provide the best user experience by utilizing the advantageous features of Blockchain and VR technologies, thereby creating an unprecedented and inclusive virtual ecosystem for businesses and designers

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