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Dvision Network Introduces the “Catch me if you can” event in the Metaverse!

The users will be able to participate in the “Catch D” event!

The Dvision Network is an ultimate blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform. The Dvision Network establishes a cutting-edge metaverse ecosystem, by utilizing its own VR technology, that helps to lower the entry barriers for all types of users across the globe. Therefore, it allows designers, enterprises and general users to dive into the most advanced metaverse experience.

Dear Community Members,

We are thrilled to introduce you to the “Catch me if you can” event inside of the Dvision World! The “Catch me if you can” event allows the users to engage in the mini-battle gaming content within our metaverse in order to be eligible to be rewarded with NFT tickets and even LAND NFTs according to their ranking. The Dvision Network will hold this game event until the first Dvision Meta-City officially gets released. Please check the contents below for a detailed explanation and the rewards that users can win in this game event. Make sure to download the client and set your account before diving into the metaverse!

“Catch me if you can” Event Explanation

The “Catch D” event, which will be held on the Dvision Network from April 7th, is actually an English game called “Catch Me If You Can” (CMIYC). In this event, the users will have to raise their ranking by catching ninjas walking around Dvision World and smashing them with a toy hammer in their hand.

All users who participate in the game will be given a “CMIYC Ticket” in the ranking, which can be used to exchange various NFT Items and other accessories after the Meta-City is released. Although, the game event includes a general chance to win a “CMIYC Ticket”, there’s also a special event, that provides a chance to win a “Dvision Land NFT”.

The general event is held at all times from the start date of the event until further notice of termination, and you can obtain a “CMIYC Ticket” (NFT — ERC 1155). The special event will be held for a limited time of 4 weeks, and you will be able to earn a “Dvision Land NFT” through your ranking during that period.

Catch the “D” game period

Event Period (KST) — Temporary Date

A. The event initiates once the user accesses the Dvision World during the entire event period. Access the world and wait for the event to initiate.

1) Event Period (KST) — April 7, 2022 from 17:00 till the official end notice of the event

a. Basic Event: April 07, PM 05:00 Open ~ Until further notice of termination
b. Special Event: Up to 4 weeks after opening at 05:00 PM on April 07

2) Event Progress Time (KST)

Timetable of the Event Rounds

b. Event (Round) duration: 40 minutes
c. Number of participation in the event: No restrictions

How to participate in the Catch the “D” game event?

Users have to eliminate ninjas of various sizes with a toy hammer to collect the scores.

1) How to smash the ninja?

a. PC version: press key “E”
b. Mobile version: press the “toy hammer” button

2) Ninjas come in different sizes, and the smaller the ninja, the higher the score.

The Reward System in the Catch the “D” game event

A) The Basic Event:

This event is held at all times from the start date of the event until a separate end notice is made, and CMIYC Event Ticket (NFT — ERC 1155) can be obtained through the event.

  1. Ranking-based Reward Table

2. Reward Ticket Image

* CMIYC tickets can be used to switch for various NFT items after the opening of Meta City.

B) Special Event:

A four-week special event will airdrop a total of 32 lands in the Dvision World’s third planned Land Sale cities of Berlin and Sao Paulo.

  1. Ranking-based Reward Table

* 32 Land NFTs will be linearly dropped within four weeks.
* The Land NFT changes (the meta-city) on a weekly basis to airdrop.
* Berlin Land NFT Airdrop in Week 1, Week 3
* 2nd and 4th week of San-Paulo Land Airdrop
* Land NFT will be airdropped in batches after all 4th-week events are over.
* In the event of a tie, the ranking can be adjusted by lottery.

2) Ranking calculation period by a week

Week 1 (Berlin Land NFT)
Week 2: (Sen Paulo Land NFT)
Week 3 (Berlin Land NFT)
Week 4 (Sen Paulo Land NFT)

Catch the “D” Game Rewards

1) Airdrop method: The reward is airdropped sequentially within 2 days after the announcement of the winner according to the ranking

2) Airdrop calculation method: Ranking competition with the highest score among the scores from the 1st to 4th times of a day.



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